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       Our World is going through a lengthy period of tribulation. Violence has become an inseparable reality of our lives. Wars are being fought all over the world largely because of corrupt leaderships of United States and its NATO allies. September 11 2001, a day that unleashed an unimaginable tide of terror and violence all over the world will be remembered as a day of infamy. That day will forever be remembered in history books as a day on which the democratic value of America died and were replaced by a dictatorial and tyrannical Oligarchiracy. An evil oligarchy seized the reigns of the most powerful nation on earth and commenced a dark period in earth’s history filled with death, suffering, agony and pain.

       I don’t want to go much further into what happened on that infamous day, as all of you probably know about it already. And if you don’t know and still believe that 9-11 attacks were carried out by Islamic fundamentalists, then you should probably stop here and forget my blog’s address. I consider all people who understand the truth and yearn for it, like myself as a separate race of humans. I like to call the people like myself, who have torn the veil of deception that separated them from reality as the “Awakeners”. So as all you Awakeners already know the real facts about the September 11 attacks, it is quite obvious, why were these attacks staged? Why did 3000 innocent American lose their lives? What was the end result ?

       September 11, attacks were carried out in an immensely disciplined manner and with a military like precision by Bush Administration with the help of several federal agencies like CIA, FBI, DEA, DOD, DOJ, US Airforce and NSA. The goal was simple, first goal was to enrage American people to such an extent that they give their full support for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Second goal was to utilise 9-11 attacks to scare and terrorise American citizens to such an extent that they willingly give up their liberties and freedom for security. And sadly Americans fell for this age old strategy of tyrants to seize power. If only we had remembered this famous quote of Benjamin Franklin,”Those who willingly give up their freedom for sake of security, deserves neither”, our present situation might have been totally different from what it is today. If we had just refused to comply with these unconstitutional laws and regulations, environment in America might had been totally opposite to what we see today……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

……….Bush Administration tightened their hold on American people by passing new laws like Patriot Act. Patriot act alone directly contradicted seven provision of the constitution, it completely shredded the bill of rights to pieces and Americans still didn’t said or did anything. George.W.Bush combined 32 federal agencies into a single department i.e. Department of Homeland Security. Department of Homeland Security’s main objectives were to protect America from domestic acts of terrorism, to deal with all kinds of civil dissidence and anti-government movements like militia movement. Federal Emergency Managing Agency was also brought under the Department of Homeland Security. Main purpose behind the formation of the Department of Homeland Security was to set up a central agency that monitored and carried out the systematic process for enslavement of Americans in their own country.


       Moreover Patriot act gave the Law Enforcement Agencies, tyrant like powers by which they could arrest any American citizen under suspicions of being a terrorist and hold them indefinitely without following any kind of legal procedure what so ever. Moreover if they deemed fit then people could be held without allowing them to contact any legal counsel or even their family members for long periods of time to break them psychologically. Even extreme interrogation and torture techniques were regularly employed to obtain coerced confession from completely innocent Americans. All these unethical and unlawful practices seem much more appropriate for Nazi Gestapo rather than US Government.


       September 11 attacks didn’t just change the life of of American citizens, it changes the whole world’s perception of America. And above all it changed the lives of millions of Afghanistani and Iraqi civilians. Al Qaeda and its leader Bush Administration used the staged attacks of September 11 as a pretext for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Even though Iraq had nothing to do whatsoever with Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden, it was attacked first. Even the Afghanistani leadership of Taliban denied providing any kind of logistical or material support to Al Qaeda. Taliban went even further and said that if America can present hard evidence of Osama Bin Laden’s or Al Qaeda’s involvement in the September 11 attacks, then they would search for him and personally hand him over to the United States of America. Because US had no evidence of Osama Bin Laden’s or Al Qaeda’s involvement in 9-11 attacks, Bush Administration completely blew off the Taliban’s request and moved forwards with their invasion plans.


      Truth is that plans for invasion of Iraq were being drawn well before the 9-11 attacks. The invasion of Iraq had always been a desire of the Bush family for nearly a decade, since the first Gulf War in 1991. And George.W.Bush used to talk about it all the time during his days as Governor and during his presidential campaign. Truth is George.W.Bush was hell bent on attacking Iraq irrespective of the fact that whether it was involved in the 9-11 attacks or not. Since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in December 2001, more than 2 million civilians have been murdered by the American Invaders and more than a million civilians have suffered loss of limbs due to injuries in the war of terror.


       American forces regularly utilised depleted Uranium artillery and white phosphorous cluster bombs during their acts of terrorism in Iraq, which is against the war rules of the UN. Due to the radiation poisoning caused by radioactive weapons utilised by US upon the Iraqi civilians, a whole generation of Iraqi children are being born with severe deformities and mutation. Its great human tragedy that selfish and unethical actions of America not only destroyed the present generations of Iraq and Afghanistan but also the future generation yet to come in next 100 years. And no US criminal has been indicted for their crimes against humanity. 


       World saw a new ray of hope in Barrack Hussein Obama, thinking that he will undo the horrors committed by the Bush Administration and bring some stability to the America. But quite expectedly Barrack Hussein Obama turned out to be another globalist crony. As soon as he became president he backtracked on all his lavishing campaign promises. Contrary to his campaign promises he decided to send even more troops to Afghanistan. He had promised to the American public that he will shut down the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention center, but he deliberately refused to do so citing its strategic importance in ongoing war of terror. And if Bush had curtailed the civil liberties of the American people then Barrack Obama stripped American people of all remaining civil liberties. Obama gradually increased his own authority over Senate Congress and US Constitution gradually by signing a number of controversial executive orders. 


       And the worst of all acts issued by Barrack Obama was the National Defence Authorisation Act or the NDAA. This act alone made US Bill of Rights an obsolete piece of paper. According NDAA, any American citizen can be arrested and detained indefinitely with total disregard for Habeus Corpius under suspicion of being an enemy combatant. Moreover federal government is not even required to show any incriminating evidence for considering any citizen an enemy combatant. According to this,  federal government can arrest anyone indefinitely on unjustified and unproved grounds for suspicion of being an domestic terrorist. Further the Act also provided a detailed information describing who can be considered an enemy combatant or domestic terrorist. This list included Right wing activists, conspiracy theorists, 9-11 Truthers, Ron Paul/Rand Paul/Chuck Baldwin supporters, Militia members, Animal Rights activists, Social activists, Constitutioners, Anti-Obama protestors, Anti-Free Trade protestors and many other people belonging to social and justice movements. So basically anybody with any kind of concrete belief system and opinion could possibly considered a domestic terrorist and could be detained indefinitely without Habeus Corpius. 


       But Obama did not stop there, NDAA further authorised federal government to use lethal force in order to neutralise the targeted domestic terrorist . There would be no legal hearing, no testimonies, no analysing of the evidence, no lawyers and no judge but rather a death sentence issued by of President Obama. And in order to achieve this eradication of these domestic terrorist targets use of law enforcement officials, military personnel and unmanned drones was also authorised. So in other words if somebody pisses Obama off, that person including his loved ones can be attacked with a drone. 


       Ever since Barrack Obama became president in 2008, more than 50,000 foreign civilians have been killed in drone strikes. And only 1.8% of these were the intended targets i.e. about 900. And rest of the 49,100 casualties were the collateral damage which Barrack Obama says is a acceptable price to pay for killing these 900 enemy combatants. And mind you even against these 900 people, there was no evidence presented that proved them of being an enemy combatant. All we have got is the word of corrupt US officials. US military’s own definition of foreign enemy combatants is all male members between the age of 15 and 60, in the targeted area, they can be considered as terrorist and neutralised. And this categorisation of enemy combatant is also applicable on the domestic level as well. So beware when you speak up against government or Obama, you can be attacked by a drone. Basically Obama has become the god, who decides who gets to live and who dies.


       All these legislation and  policies didn’t just pop up haphazardly during last three and a half presidential terms. These policies were being formulated long before 9-11, even as early as the Bush Sr. Presidency, but process of implementing these changes needed a catalysing even like a new Pearl Harbour( As quoted in Plans for new American Sanctuary). And 9-11 became that new Pearl Harbour like event that shocked the American public to such an extent that in its aftermath they were ready to willingly give up their rights in favour government’s lavishing promises of security. And from then on, our civil liberties were and are being slowly and gradually stolen from us.


       September 11, 2001 will forever remembered for a day on which a war on our freedom was launched by the Global Elite. A day of infamy indeed.


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