Global Watchman on the lookout

The Information War

 Thomas Jefferson one of the America’s founding fathers, summed up the present day crisis of press and media quite brilliantly in the above mentioned quote. Either there can be absolute freedom or total tyranny. There cannot be, what we nowadays have, a limited freedom. Word “Limited” by itself negates any possibility of freedom. And our every liberty, our every right and our freedom is all limited now a days. We have the freedom of speech but only in some Government allocated places called free speech zones. We have right of peaceably to assemble but if we do assemble then there is a chance that we might beaten senseless by incompetent police officers. We have a right to petition the government for redress of the grievances but there is little chance that government would reply in kind. We have a right to speedy and a public trial, impartial jury and right to get counsel but what we can also be detained indefinitely being termed enemy combatant without any regard to Habeus Corpus.We have a right to get our say in court but we can also be executed by drones or sent to gitmo without anyone knowing what happened to us. So yeah, we have rights but they are at most limited and like Thomas Jefferson said no freedom can be limited without losing it altogether.

We live in a world of contradictions where people wage wars to establish peace, where people fight terrorism by terrorizing others, where we free people from tyrants by bombing their homes and where in the name of freedom we incarcerate others. Nothing in today’s world makes even the slightest sense. This paradoxical world of ours is challenging every ethic, every moral and every belief that we ever held dear to our hearts. This quote by Chris Hedges really hits the nail on the head of this paradoxical world.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, press destroys information, religions destroy morality & spirituality and where banks destroy economy”

Some social paradoxes of my own.

“We now live in a world where pharmaceutical corporations create newer and deadlier diseases, where police poses the biggest danger to citizens, where armies besiege us rather than liberating us, where poor are made even poorer and rich even richer and where people who destroyed the economy are paid trillions of dollars.

A lot is wrong in the world today but the one single factor that has tilted the scale towards tyrannical government is press and media. Its not only that news media today are collaborating with government to help it deceive and manipulate us but we also lost one of our main protector against corrupt and injustice. In its golden days news media and press used to send shivers down the spine of politicians. Whenever and wherever journalists came across any injustice and corruption on the part of politicians, they used to blow the covers off that scandal. Journalists were the voice of the underdog, the common man and the unfortunate victim of the system. Journalists and Reporters used to report what they saw and witnessed, rather that reporting what they are told to report. Those people were oozing with journalistic integrity and social responsibility. But sadly those were the days in the past. Today a honest, ethical and genuine journalist is even more hard to find than a needle in the haystack.

In early 1900s, print news or newspapers was the primary source of information about incidents and happenings both locally and internationally. In my view this was the golden period in journalism. Journalists had to work really hard for their stories, all that dedication and effort that they had to put in to write news stories was reflected in the quality of their work. One of the best thing about print media was that journalists had only one way of interacting with people and that was through their columns. So they tried their level best to write a perfect piece to impress the readers. American newspapers like New York Post, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal have maintained their circulation in America throughout the last 120 years. Even when electronic media was threatening the existence of many national newspapers, these historic papers continued to not only maintain their circulation but even increased it over the years. Each of these newspapers is the testament to the belief that its the content that sells news not the mode of its delivery.

1950s-Family-blank-lo-resBy 1960, Televisions had replaced newspapers as the primary source of information and global news. And three television networks NBC, CBS and ABC had emerged as the new media giants in United States of America. All three networks were established between 1948-1950. In 1986 a new network called Fox joined the trinity. And with the emergence of cable television many new news channels like CNN, BBC WORLD and SKY NEWS also popped up giving a much needed diversification to the field of journalism. By 2012, DTH Services all over the world consisted of over 36 International news channels and they were available in 16 different languages.

With the onset digitization of news media, many people believed that this will usher in a new era of unadulterated, uninfluenced, true and factual journalism. People thought that competition with so many other news channels will force every news channel to up the ante, in terms of quality of their news. But to the surprise and tremendous shock to the people, exactly opposite happened. Each and every single one of these News channels shamelessly engaged in “yellow journalism”. Yellow journalism is a practice in journalism that features scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or individual journalists. Sensationalizing and over-exaggeration has truly become one of the most repulsive practice rampant in news media. But even these degrading practices employed by News Agencies was nothing in comparison to what was about to happen.

By the end of 1999, a new trend started emerging within the News and Media broadcasting. All of a sudden “THE BIG SIX”, the six most powerful media houses started purchasing, merging and took over majority of the News and Entertainment channels in US. Experts say that currently the big six own the 90% of the US media houses. These Big Six Media houses are Comcast, Walt Disney Company, 21st Century & Fox News Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom and CBS Corporation. Below is the table that details how many and what channels are owned by these six Media Giants.

In 1983, there were more than 50 different media companies and today there are just 6. Many wil say so what if there are just 6 Media Corporations? Well, there are many implications of this concentration of power.

MediaownergraphDuring the 80’s and 90’s, there were dozens and dozens of Television Networks and News Channels. This abundance of Channel Networks created healthy although sometimes unhealthy competition between the broadcasters. To maintain and increase their viewership, each and every Network had to be on its A Game all the time. If any Channel let its quality down, even by a little margin, its viewers change to another channel. So simply for maintaining their existing viewership, Networks had to toil hard and make improvements in their programming quality. If most of the channels disappeared from the market and its place stood 6 Media Tycoon Corporations, then eventually it will lead to reduction of quality in its content. With far fewer number of competitors, the existing channels wouldn’t have to worry that much about their viewership stats, as there are not many networks around to steal your viewers.

Concentration of power in media industry also poses great threat to all new media and news channels. Each and every one of these six media corporations possess vast amounts of wealth and wield tremendous power. So it’s not beyond their capabilities to literally destroy any newcomer in the field of News Media by using their resources and powers. For example if a new Channel or News Agency enter the field than, first thing either one of the Big Six would do is that they will try to buy the new competitor. If this doesn’t work then these media houses could use other tactics. To reduce the popularity of the new channel, these big media houses assessed which show of the new channel has the most viewership, then they would start to broadcast their most watched shows at the same time as newer channel’s most watched show. This would reduce the number of people watching newer channel and eventually will lead to its demise.

Concentration of so much power in few hands can even lead to problem at a much wider level. When few entities wield so much power than the possibility of misuse of this power also becomes a possibility. If any strong and powerful entity like government can coerce and force these few media houses to comply with their policies, then government can control and alter whatever they want people to see and completely eliminate what they don’t want you to see. When this happens, TV and News Media becomes a tool of Government propaganda from being protectors of common man from corruption and injustice. And this is precisely what has happened in US Media over the last decade. Most of the media networks in America have become nothing more than mere corroborators of the official story.

The possibility of distortion of events also becomes a probable reality. All of these six media houses are either subsidiary of other Corporation of they themselves have certain subsidiaries which are linked to Military Industrial Complex(Arms Industry). Either these corporations themselves or their subsidiaries have multimillion dollar defense contracts with Department of Defense(Pentagon). General Electric has been one of the constant providers of defense equipment to Department of Defence through this century. GE sold its equipment to US Army in First World War, Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, First Gulf War, Invasion of Afghanistan and Invasion of Iraq. Through out this century, the total amount of cost paid to GE by Pentagon is in billions.

2491961-9409079642-mediaAnd GE like many other Corporations of America have their subsidiaries in almost all of the economic sectors. Recently Comcast and General Electric in a joint ventures purchased NBC, MSNBC, CNBC & NBCSM. Now just imagine, would GE allow its correspondents on NBC, CNBC or MSNBC to report the true details and expose governments corruptions and wrong doings. Would GE risk losing the millions of dollar worth contracts for the sake of Journalistic integrity, I doubt it. So to appease their liaisons in Department of Defense, these big media houses avoid broadcasting any news or story that contradicts government’s position or statement. Imagine if US troops are committing atrocities overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan, do you think these media houses will do a story about it. No, they will never dream about doing it. If the executive producer, director, cameraman and the anchor loves his or her job, they remain miles away from the story at all times.

In 2007, it was revealed that White House had paid millions of dollars to individual journalists and media companies to publish articles, written and approved by White House Staff, under the names of respective journalists. When such articles appeared in newspapers or TV News, they were portrayed as if they were written by journalists. No information was given to inform people that this piece has been done by government. By doing this Bush Administration turned News Media and Press into their propaganda tools.

But if things were bad during Bush Administration then they are appalling now under Obama. Barrack Obama has transformed the whole media core into his personal groupies. Whatever policies and executive decisions Barrack Obama makes, are wholeheartedly supported and cheered by the News Media. From his election campaign in 2007 to 2014, Obama has repeatedly lied to his voters, to Americans and to the World and there is plenty of evidence in terms of videos. In one video Obama promises one thing and in another video, he totally contradicts his own promises. And no, not a single journalist has grilled him over this lying. I guess reporter too don’t want to be gunned down by Apache Gunships.

So they feel rather comfortable repeating whatever Government tells them to repeat. This way they keep their boss happy, their Corporation happy, Government happy and they might also make some extra cash for it so they are all hunky dory. But what they are not noticing is that there small acts of hypocrisy are pushing our the society a bit by bit into helms of tyranny. Because their every small act of corroboration with the Government is helping tighten the grip of this corrupt government on our freedom.

But the worst kind of jokerists(a person who should have been a joker but became a journalist) are those who neither possess any talent nor any characteristic of being a news host. Yes, I am talking about that foul mouth, talentless, irritating and pathetic piece of shit Bill O’Reilly. Kind of attitude that he shows in his shows is a pathetic attempt of faking that he has a conscience. Shouting at his guests, if they contradict his idiotic and moronic ideas is the most irritating thing about him. It really makes you want to poke both of his eyes with freshly sharpened pencils.

andersonAnother great jokerist in the world of media is Anderson Cooper. This pretentious stains on the flag of journalism isn’t as irritating and unbearable as Bill O’Reilly but he have his share of unique qualities instead, that will make you pull your hair out. Anderson Cooper has a really unique style of reporting. When he starts his story, he really makes you feel that he is going to tear a new one for the Government. Then he re-affirms this feeling by showing some evidences of wrongdoing on the part of Government. Then when you are eagerly waiting for the tear sound, he brings in some federal asshole and end up agreeing to whatever bullshit he told. And you end up feeling like you have been violated and betrayed. For relief do what I do( go into your room, play some music at high volume and just let yourself go and dish out as many abuses and curses you can in the name of Anderson Cooper). No one knows what’s going on inside that silver head of Anderson Cooper.

maddAnother great rant queen of the media is Rachel Madcow Maddow. She seems to believe that the world is spinning because she gave it a good spin early this morning. A prime example of a person suffering from narcissistic disorder syndrome. Whatever she says and no matter how ridiculous it sounds, you have to agree with her. She doesn’t take disagreements with her guests very well. She has to have a last word and for that she tries everything. She loves to insult other people based on their ideologies and believes and her favourite people for doing this are the conspiracy theorists. There is a lot of difference between knowing what to do & doing it and looking others do it & then do it. She is easilly one of the least talented talk show hosts in the mainstream media today and I bet she will remain as such for quite time. But there are certain individuals who don’t care about what their producers think or what is their channels policy. They say what’s on their mind and do it without constraints.

One such individual is Bill Maher. During one of his shows Politically incorrect he made a controversial remark that lead to the cancelation of his shown from ABC Netework. On the show Bill Maher was conversing with Political activist Dinesh D’Couza, when he asked Dinesh about the statement of George W Bush that the 9/11 Hijackers were cowards. To this Dimesh D’Couza replied that he didn’t believe so because it takes a lot of courage to see death up ahead and still move ahead to meet it. Then Bill Mahet replied that “it’s we Americans that are coward. We fire cruise missiles from thousands of miles away to kill people and use unmanned drones to kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan by controlling it via satellite from a base in America. We kill people in Middle East by the press of a button from here America, its us who are cowards”. This created a lot of scandal and and eventually forced ABC Netwok to cancel his show. But admit it or not there is a lot of validity in what he said.

bill_maherThe show was canceled on June 16, 2002 and the Sinclair Broadcast group had dropped the show from its ABC-affiliated stations months prior. On June 22, 2002, just six days after the cancellation of Politically Incorrect, Maher received the Los Angeles Press Club president’s award (for “championing free speech”). In 2003, Maher became the host, co-producer and co-writer of Real Time with Bill Maher, a weekly hour-long political comedy talk show on the cable network HBO. HBO announced in July 2011 the show had been renewed for its tenth season (2012) and is currently in its 12th. During an interview, Maher told Terry Gross that he much prefers having serious and well-informed guests on his program, as opposed to the random celebrities that fleshed out his roundtable discussions on Politically Incorrect. Bill Maher’s show “Real Time” gives a quite refreshing touch to the serious topic of Geo-politics. Its funny, its entertaining and its all at the expense of our corrupt and megalomaniac politicians, so it’s all good.

As good as Bill Maher is doesn’t change the fact that he too is not immune to stupidity. He has also made some really stupid remarks over the years, which have got him in a world of trouble. But overall he speaks what he thinks and that’s rarity these days in media where even weather forecasts have to be Pentagon approved. And this issue was quite hilariously proved by Conan O’Brien in his video, in which more than a dozen different news reporters from all over United States are shown repeating the same line about Valentines day and that too word to word. You can watch the clip from the URL (

Another new guy had popped up recently to fill in the humongous shoes of Larry King. And to fill Larry King’s prime time spot for a five days a week show, CNN hired a British Actor turned Talk show host Piers Morgan. All looked well until he touched a delicate issue that even many American politicians are afraid of touching. Piers Morgan in all his condescending attitude started a campaign against the second amendment that is right to bear arms. If Piers Morgan was expecting a surge in his viewership numbers, then there was no doubt that he had the attention of people on him now.

morgan-jonesAmericans don’t even like their own chosen politicians to speak against the Second Amendment, now you can imagine how they would have reacted to a Brit not just debating but also challenging the validity of your constitutional rights. And as expected soon Piers Morgan and Alex Jones were locking horns. Jones being an avid supporter of 2nd Amendment created quite a ruckus at Morgan’s, when he was invited as a guest to debate the issue of 2nd Amendment with Morgan. It was quite a spectacle watching Alex Jones going on his trademark ranting expedition while Piers Morgan with all his condescension was trying to make Alex Jones appear like a blabbering buffoon. After some time CNN citing his unpopularity amongst American people cancelled his show and sent him packing back to Britain. His departure from America was welcomed by all. Piers Morgan lacked even the basic skills that any talk show host must possess and that is to respect everyone’s view even if you are against it. But Morgan’s condescending and patronising attitude did exactly opposite to what he was supposed to do. In his self proclaimed superiority he was much more interested in ridiculing others and making them appear as total fools. Well I guess he must have learnt by now who the fool was.

media_monkeysThe decay of moral and ethical values in present news media has really made people lose their trust in Main Stream Media, so now people are looking for some alternate form of media that can inform them accurately without any control of government over the content. And one of the big source of Alternate News Media is internet. This crisis in mainstream media has really turned out to be a blessing for some alternate media websites. If you are looking for a print media with quality editorials then I suggest you to try, it is a good no nonsense quality journalistic website. If you are looking for video, that there are plenty of them on YouTube. AMTV is a good channel on YouTube and it provides good analysis of the current global and domestic policies of the Obama administration.

But this surge of traffic towards alternate media has also gave ample opportunity to some other really dubious individuals. They would have remained unnoticed by the world if it hadn’t been for the fall from grace of mainstream media. One such individuals that gained popularity and viewership all over the world is Alex Jones. His websites and have quite a following in America and even in rest of the world. Many people like him because he is willing to tell things that many other conventional media people would consider conspiracies or nut news. From the rising of New World Order to the poisoning of drinking water with Fluoride. Like any other media person Alex Jones too has a lot of qualities and many drawbacks.

Good thing about Alex Jones is that he is not afraid of ridicule, because of that he is able to cover even those topics that most main stream media people won’t even mention in a sentence let alone discuss it. Alex Jones speaks freely and he doesn’t play around with words, whatever he wants to say, he says it. Abuses, insults and even curses, he tells all bare to its reality. But sadly his qualities are much more minuscule in comparison to his drawbacks. One thing that you’ll notice about Alex Jones is that he has chronic ego inflation problem. He never shies away from praising himself and his good, bad and the ugly deeds. How many people do you see on TV these days who constantly praise themselves reminding each of their achievements atleast a dozen time in a one hour show? None, because this kind of people are intolerable so they are never even allowed near a camera let alone be on it. If someone praises himself once or twice, then you might assume that he is just joking. When he says 4-5 times then you can assume, may be he doesn’t know when to stop joking. When that person praises his achievements 7-8 times, you think what’s the problem with this guy. And when he does it a dozen times than you should ask why the hell are you still watching that nut job. It’s the same kind of deal with Alex Jones.

Piers_01_1650650a Another thing that Alex Jones is known for is his narcissistic personality. Like Rachel Madcow Maddow, Alex Jones too thinks he is always right, whatever anybody is saying today he says he told that 15 years ago. Although there might not be any evidence to support his claims but he claims it none the less. If you and Alex Jones are talking and you say that Apple is red, then you can bet your life on it that Alex Jones won’t agree with you. He will say something like this”no that’s not red, that’s just a reddish hue which makes you think that it is red. I saw an Apple fifteen years ago. And believe me that Apple was red, this apples redness is nothing in comparison to what that Apple had”. He is this kind of desperate guy who just can’t accept anyone else being right.

I don’t know what’s the deal with him. He says or should I say he beats the drum and announces that he is true patriot and is fighting against the elites to free mankind from its grip but he just doesn’t look like he is on no big power broker’s side. Another thing that is quite apparent about Alex Jones is that he has successfully turned this fear of New World Order into quite a lucrative business. From a lung cleanser to water fluoride filter, Alex Jones has some product that he is selling related to every conspiracy theory out there. Whether he is is working alone or not that’s another matter, but if Alex Jones can control his self praising idiocies and may be overact a little less than he could very well become the journalist who would bridge the ideological gap between a conventional journalist and a conspiracy theorist.

Media and News Channels that were once an ally of humanity and its protector from tyranny and injustice. But sadly lust of power and money have corrupted what was once a noble profession. But there are still some people still keeping the true spirit of journalism alive in their hearts and it is these people we need to support and praise, so that they can become an important voice in th media . And its these important voices that we are lacking today.

Alternative media has given a platform to many courageous people who were totally ignored or more accurately avoided and sidelined by the plague ridden main dissenting media, just because they speak the truth rather than kissing the ass of the government and globalists. And these brave individuals like Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, Max Keiser and David Icke have really done an unbelievable job of educating people about the danger humanity is facing today. It is because of people like them that there is an awakening happening all over the world and people are waking up to the fact that they are being enslaved by their own governments at the behest of the globalists. The impact of the alternate media on public is quite evident from the increased awareness of people about things that were completly unknown just few years.

4143_2_bilderberg__1967Take the example of the infamous Bilderberg group. Bilderberg Group is a highly secretive club that holds a meeting annually attended by about 150 members. Out of these, 50 people are permanent members and they attend every yearly meeting. Remaining 100 people are honorary members who participate in the meeting strictly on invitation basis. List of these 100 honorary members changes every year as many people who attended previous years meeting might not be invited to this years meeting and in their place new people are invited each year. All the members of this illustrious group (both core and honorary) include European Royalty (Dutch, British, Belgian, German and French), CEOs of some of the biggest Corporations in the world, extremely influential Politicians from all over the world, Government representatives and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media. The Bilderberg group holds an annual conference in which they finalise their agenda for the next year that will bring them a step closer to realising their dream of a one world government.

This group was formed on 29th May 1954, by Prince Bernhard(Lippe-Biesterfield) of Netherlands, Józef Retinger(Exiled Polish Politician), Paul Van Zeeland(Former Prime Minister of Belgium), Dutchman Paul Rijkens(Head of Unilever in 1954). After further discussions with Walter Bedell Smith(Head of CIA) and Charles Douglas Jackson(Advisor to US President Eisenhower) an invitation list was finalised. Fifty delegates from 11 countries in Western Europe were invited to attend the first conference, along with 11 Americans. These first attendees of the meeting later became the permanent members of the group. First conference took place from 29th May to 31st May 1954 at Hotel De Bilderberg* in Oosterbeek, Netherlands.(*name of group was derived from, nobody yet known the official name of the group)

histor17From 1954 to 2004 this group of most wealthy and powerful men in the world conducted fifty highly secretive annual meetings behind closed doors in over 15 different countries. And yet not a single mention of the group ever came out in the public media. Reason for this was that among the fifty core members of the group were individuals who owned nearly 90% of the western media whether it be TV or Print media. This kind of power and authority allowed the members of this group to keep their existence in the dark for the rest of the world. First major public mention about Bilderberg Group was done by Jim Tucker, Phyllis Schlafly, Lyndon La Rouche, Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura in 2004. And courtesy of the alternative media, information about Bilderberg Group spread throughout the world like forest fire and this why they are trying so hard to shut it off or atleast control it.

And if you were thinking that only some royal families and business people were involved in it than you would be wrong. Even many existing head of states have been witnessed arriving at the annual conferences. For example Hillary Clinton was seen arriving on 2nd May 2012, at the Westfield Marriot Hotel at Chantilly, Virginia. She was still serving as US Secretary of State at the time, so question arises that what was she doing meeting with foreign leaders secretively behind closed doors where no press was even allowed to enter. And she is not the only politician who is involved with this evil cabal of powerful individuals. Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Condoleza Rice, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, Colin Powel, Henry Kissinger are just some of the US politicians who are the honorary members of the Bilderberg Group.

d33dddcba07b8ac37d988c834692f812Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a tacit admission during a U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities committee meeting in 2011, arguing that the State Department needs more money to bribe journalists and get a tighter grip on what media reports because the US military-industrial complex is “losing the information war to the likes of Russia Today and Al Jazeera due to the US corporate media having completely abandoned the real news”.“We are in an information war and we are losing that war,” warned Clinton, in a bid to rustle up more money to fund propaganda to compete with foreign news media, sending a clear message that stations such as Russia Today, which regularly provides a platform to the likes of Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Wayne Madsen, Paul Craig Roberts and Webster Tarpley, are winning the infowar against the globalists.

“Our private media, particularly cultural programming often works at counter purposes to what we truly are as Americans,” said Clinton, alluding to the fact that US television has now reached such a lowest common denominator level that it is harming the very fabric of society.

Of course, Clinton, a CFR member and a leading globalist, couldn’t care less about harming the fabric of society, but she is obviously panicked about the fact that the US corporate media is now so distrusted and disparaged that it is rapidly losing its value to the Globalist Elite as a vehicle through which to sell wars and hoodwink the public into swallowing official explanations behind staged crises that are used to eviscerate their freedoms and livelihoods.

It’s clearly evident from Hillary Clinton’s bold public statement, that alternative media is a matter of big concern for the globalists. So, these people will try all they can to either control the flow of information and if not then shut it off completely. This is where battle lines have been drawn and this is where the fate of mankind’s last weapon of free information and knowledge will be decided and entire future of mankind might very well depend on the outcome of this struggle.

We as humans were given our rights by our creator. No government and nor any individual can grant or take our rights away. Our right to speak our mind, our right to fight against oppression and tyranny, our right to make needed changes to our society , our right to oppose corrupt leadership and our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones, these are all unalienable rights that are embedded within our existence. Knowledge and information is the mortar that holds the foundation of human civilisation together. Each generation of mankind right from the days of our cave dwelling, learned new things from experience and observation and then passed on that knowledge to the next generation and then that generation did the same. Hundreds and thousands of generation later, all the accumulated knowledge from all those generations is what we call our culture and our civilisation.

Never in human history had our excess to information ever been curtailed like it is today. The whole essence of human existence is being challenged by denying us our right to information and knowledge. When any civilisation looses its grip on reality and its connection to the present times then this can tend amount to an invitation to destruction. And if we don’t want to end up like those numerous civilisation that came before us and fell to the flow of time, then we have to reclaim our connection to the present. And that can only be achieved by breaking all the shackles that our government has tied our intellect down with. Because only a free and informative populous can preserve a free republic.


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