Global Watchman on the lookout


Whenever I hear some self proclaimed expert talking about reduction in global population, I instantly remember a scene from Will Smith’s movie “I AM LEGEND”. If you haven’t seen this movie then I will give you a broader plot of the movie. A deadly virus has wiped out 99% of the global population and has turned majority of victims into nocturnal zombies who cannot venture out during daylight. Only living uninfected person in the city of New York is Will Smith and he is accompanied by his female German Shepherd called Samantha. One day Will Smith is attacked by infected zombie dogs and Samantha gets infected while trying to protect Will Smith and she eventually dies. This scene I am talking about is the first time Will Smith is all alone without his companion, Samantha. Will Smith goes to a DVD Rental store to pick up some movie. He had earlier arranged some mannequins with whome he used to pretend talk. But this time because he’s all alone for the first time, he starts to beg to mannequin to talk to him. He begs it to say something to him, say anything to him. But offcourse it’s just a mannequin, they never talk.

Whenever I hear some nut job talking about reducing global population by 90% of what it is today, I instantly remember this scene and imagine what would it be like if 9 out 10 of your family, your friends, your acquaintance and people you know disappeared forever from this world? How would it be like if you had to spend each and every day all alone, in absolute solitude? How would you live hoping, expecting and begging each and every minute of the day, for someone to just say hello to you? Its a very sad and lonely situation to be in, I think most of you will feel the same way. I know we sometimes wish to be left alone, but truth is we only wish to be alone because we are surrounded by people who love and care about us. But when those people will disappear from our lives, only then we will realise their importance in our lives.

Now what if I told you that some people are working towards achieving this very goal, goal of reducing current population by 90%. Meaning 9 out of every 10 people disappearing from this world. Yes its no movie and it’s not a fictional plot. Certain individuals are spending billions of dollars to achieve this insidious ambition of theirs. And these are no ordinary people either, they are some of the most wealthiest, influential and powerful individuals on this planet. These are the individuals who have their fingers on the pulse of global economy. They own the federal reserve, they own the top media corporations, they own the biggest banks of the world and they even own the IT industry of the world. And because they own so much, they practically own the United States of America. And when people like them decide to get something done it becomes the matter of their narcissistic ego.

I am talking about David Rockefeller, Nathan Rothschild, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet and Rupert Murdoch. These individuals have publicly stated on numerous occasions that they want to reduce the current global population by 90%. These evil individuals have created a noble perception about themselves in the eyes of commoners. And they achieved this by acting like kind and caring philanthropists. But few people realise that they only donate money towards those organisations that are secretly working towards achievement of their own personal agenda.

These individuals have employed certain tactics for achieving their diabolical ambition of reducing global population by 90%. It’s a human tragedy that majority of people still don’t see anything wrong with the world even when all these signs are right in front of them. It’s like they see dark storm clouds gathering in the sky but they still keep on fooling themselves thinking that it’s just night approaching. So if you wish to survive the storm, acknowledge the dark clouds in the sky first. Some of the methods of depopulation currently being employed by elites are:

1. Military Conflicts
2. Food Shortage (Starvation)
3. Epidemics
4. Vaccines
5. Psychiatric disorders and Psychotropic drugs
6. GMO Foods and Animal food products
7. Water Fluoridation and intoxication
8. Chemtrails (Aluminium, Barium, Strontium poisoning)

Wars have resulted in unimaginable casualties throughout the history of mankind. And all the battles fought in last 100 years have all been created by the global elite with manipulation of global economy and by spending vast amounts of finances to generate hostile environments between nations. Ever since the Napoleonic wars, globalist bankers have financed both sides of all wars. For example Rothschild family lended money to both Napoleon and Britain during Napoleonic wars. Similarly during First World War Rothschild and the Rockefeller financed both Britain and Germany. And it was also the case during the Second World War where Rothschild and Rockefeller financed both Adolf Hitler and the Britain. Although main objective behind the Second World War was to utilise the Nazis for creating sympathy for Jewish people and to use that sympathy to facilitate the creation of the Zionist state of Israel. But secondary purpose that all wars served was the reduction in global population. For example just the First and Second World War resulted in over 85 million deaths.

And if we include the Korean War, Vietnam War, First Gulf War and ongoing War on terror into the equation than total number of dead reaches 125 million. Hence Wars are a lucrative propositions for these globalist elitists and they repeatedly create these militaristic conflicts because they serve the dual purpose of profit generation and population reduction. And as things are going in Ukraine and Iran, it seems like Third World War is just around the corner. All analysts and experts agree that next global conflict will eventually turn into an all out thermonuclear war. And with top 5 armed forces of USA, CHINA, RUSSIA, INDIA and UNITED KINGDOM all being nuclear armed States, thermonuclear war become not just a possible outcome but rather most probable one.

According to experts just these five nations possess enough nuclear warheads to destroy earth several times over. And a thermonuclear war will surely result in eradication of more than 80% of the global population and this is exactly what these globalist are working to achieve.

It is a matter of big shame and humiliation for mankind that despite achieving such technological and scientific knowledge, people are still dying of hunger in this world. Globalists want us to believe that this is because of overpopulation but this is not the case. Although population has risen in the last 50 years but production of food has increased several times more in comparison to rate of growth in population. In fact experts believe that current level of food and grain production should easily feed 11 billion people, but this is not happening. If population is not the culprit then what is the reason for such widespread food shortage globally. Main reasons behind the issue of food crisis is the inability of United Nations to supply and make food available to every one who needs it and political policies of the nations suffering from food shortage and the desires of the globalist elite. Globalists with the help of United Nations are creating myth of food scarcity to eradicate much of the third world countries and especially African populations. In a world where at an average 2 million children die every year because of starvation and hunger, America is dumping 11 metric tonnes of wheat into the ocean every year because current rate of wheat production in America is much more than what it has storage capacity for. So Rather than giving this excess wheat to the people who are dying of starvation and hunger, US government is dumping this wheat into the ocean just because it is not willing to export this wheat free of cost to countries where people are dying of hunger.

Furthermore Agenda 21 specifically proposes a plan of making 50% of current agriculture land, unusable. Agenda 21 proposes that majority of land currently used for farming should be returned to nature as wild land. Imagine if even at current levels of food growth people are dying of hunger than what would happen if half of land used for farming currently is termed unusable and is returned to nature as wild land. It would definitely cause a food crisis of an unprecedented scale throughout the world. It would cause widespread deaths due to starvation and hunger in the third world countries. And this is exactly the scenario that globalists are trying to create at a global level.

Disease and Pestilence have caused more deaths in the history of mankind than all the casualties combined in all of the wars ever fought in the past. And as the scientific knowledge became more and more advanced, somehow so did the complexity of diseases, perhaps this is the biggest clue in itself about the origins of some of the worst outbreaks of our time. But another fact of the matter is that these epidemics are not entirely a modern phenomena. Medieval ages were ravaged by bubonic plague and one outbreak claimed so many lives throughout the world that it was quite appropriately named the Black Death. Then in early twentieth century as the world was coming to terms with loss of life in First World War, an outbreak occurred throughout Europe whose death toll dwarfed the deaths of First World War. This was the outbreak of Spanish Influenza.

But it was at onset of twenty-first century when we saw the flood gates open of newer epidemics and diseases. Every year newer viral diseases and epidemics are being discovered. Some of the recently discovered diseases are SARS Virus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Dengue, meningitis, Morgellons Disease. But a virus that was discovered in mid 1970s, is today rampaging through Africa and leaving a trail of death behind it. Ebola after being discovered in mid 1970, remained a silent assassin for quite some time but recently hordes of infections have surfaced in Central and Western Africa, which has got a number of epidemiologists worried. When a person is infected with Ebola virus, symptoms during initial stages of infection are fever, sore throat, nausea, shivering and pain in the limbs. Because many other illnesses like malaria and dengue also cause similar symptoms, Ebola was mostly misdiagnosed and this I s what resulted in deterioration of health of patients and eventually their deaths. At the later stages of infection Ebola results in internal hemorrhaging of blood vessels which ultimately causes multiple organ failure and an eventual death.

As of 2014, Just 1000 Ebola infections have been reported but thing that worries a lot of experts is that approximately 900 of these 1000 infected patients died as a result of their infection. That means Ebola has a mortality rate of 90% which makes it one of the most deadly viral infections discovered in last 50 years. This is what has got the epidemiologists worried that a global outbreak of Ebola could decimate populations all over the world. Biochemists and Biogeneticists have been working for last 10 years to find a vaccine for Ebola but so far they have been unsuccessful. But one thing that most experts realised when researching Ebola was that, Ebola could never have evolved naturally. The complex structure of Ebola has made experts believe that it could only have evolved into its current form only in a controlled environment of a Biogenetic lab. Which raises a question that whether Ebola was developed as a biological weapon?

But no other disease has spread more quickly through the rest of the world than HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or AIDS( Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome). First case of HIV infection was reported in African nation of Congo in 1981. It was quite a coincidence that first outbreak of AIDS was reported in the exactly same area where people had been vaccinated for hepatitis and polio couple of years back. Western scientists have repeatedly theorised that first human became infected with HIV by eating infected primate meat in Central Africa. If this theory was accurate then what can explain the rapid spread of HIV throughout the world? How can a disease that was discovered in 1981 could possibly have infected 38.2 million people globally in 34 years. How could this deadly disease have spread so rapidly from a region with least contact with the outside world. Infact United Nations authority on research of AIDS has suggested that more than 80% of all HIV infections occur due to transfusion of infected blood. Transmission of HIV by sexual acts is less than 2%. So question once again arises how did the HIV infection spread so rapidly throughout the world?

Many reports have surfaced that HIV was specifically created in Biological Laboratories at US Army Base at Fort Dietrich. And then HIV was spread throughout the world by means of HIV infected vaccines, blood and drugs. This would surely explain the coincidence of first cases of HIV reported in same areas where mass vaccination was done by US organisations. And you might also have heard about recent controversy where famous pharmaceutical company BAYER, even after knowing that a multi million dollar batch of Anaemic medicine was infected with HIV, they shipped drug to be sold overseas in Europe, Africa and Asia. And this ultimately resulted in thousands of innocent children getting infected by HIV. And even after this news broke out in the mainstream media, no US executive of BAYER was charged with any crime for deliberately infecting thousands of innocent children with HIV. The attitude of US Government towards this unforgivable crime clearly reveals what their true motives are. This scandal clearly gives a lot of validity to the theory that AIDS is being deliberately spread throughout the world with tainted drugs, vaccines and transfusion blood.

As of yet no cure for HIV and AIDS has been discovered or should I say no cure has been revealed to the rest of the world. Once infected with HIV, the virus attacks the white blood cells in the host’s body. Soon the whole immune system of the patient collapses and makes host prone to all kinds of infections. Because of the collapsed immune system even common diseases like common cold become a fatal threat to the patient. Only option for the patient is an intensive antiviral and antibiotic treatment and even this can only prolong the life of the victim, it will just delay the inevitable but eventually infected person will die from the infection. Common cause of death of HIV and AIDS infected people is multi organ failure caused by multiple infections. So inevitable the 38.2 million HIV infected people will die from the infection well before they would have if they hadn’t been infected by HIV.

Scientists have not been able to find the presence of HIV in primate species. There was a virus discovered in chimpanzees that is close to the structure of HIV but when tested that virus was found out to be ineffective on humans. So the majority of scientists employed by NGOs and people conducting their own private research have concluded that this ineffective immunodeficiency virus found in chimps was deliberately mutated and evolved into the virus which we know as HIV. And only chance of this happening is if somebody deliberately mutated this virus in a controlled environment of a laboratory. And I believe the Globalist elite is the source of this virus. They deliberately designed and mutated this virus so that when unleashed onto the rest of the world, it would cause mass casualties without a single finger been lifted.

Vaccines have become a vehicle of disease and toxins to be utilised by the elite to achieve their objective of population reduction. Like I mentioned in the previous part that earliest cases of HIV were reported in the same areas where two years back mass vaccinations for hepatitis and polio were done. Most probably those vaccines given to people forcefully must have been infected with HIV.

In 2010, Melinda and Bill Gates foundation vaccinated over 100,000 kids in India for polio. Soon after the vaccination, many kids started to show symptoms of neurological disorders. About 48,000 children were either eventually paralysed permanently or developed serious neurological disorders like Epilepsy, Tourette Sydrome, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Syndrome and Seizures. Upon testing of the vaccinations given to those children, large quantity of Mercury and Aluminium was found in the vaccines. Mercury is considered as one of the most dangerous elements for the brain cells because it attacks and destroys brain tissue and causes a number of nuerological abnormalities like Alzheimer’s disorder.

Another instance of vaccinations causing serious adverse effects happened in Phillipines. Once again Melinda and Bill Gates foundation was involved in the scandal. More than 10,000 pregnant women were given vaccines for a number of diseases and other supplements. Soon after the vaccination majority of women suffered miscarriages and aborted the fetus. There was a huge uproar in the public and Phillipines government issued an official enquiry into the matter. When the officials of Phillipines Medical Department analysed the vaccines they found out that there was a unique hormone in all vaccines. This hormone when given to pregnant women, made their body hostile to male sperm or the resulting fetus. Their immune system attacked the fetus with antibodies and eventually lead to miscarriages and aborted the fetus. There also have been more than 100,000 instances in Asia where vaccinated male adults were sterilised by the drug. This all aligns absolutely with the ideologies of the elite that third world populations should not be allowed to procreate at all. And they exploit the innocence and poverty of these people to achieve their objectives.

But vaccines are not only utilised to reduce population in third world only. Recently vaccination of new born infants was made mandatory by the US Government. Just days after birth, infants are being injected with more than 15 vaccines for a number of disorders. And it has resulted in adverse reactions upon the young infants. In recent times cases of these vaccinated infants dying suddenly for no apparent reason have been on the rise in the US. More than 5000 such cases of infanticide were reported in last few years alone. Situation got so worse that a Congressional Hearing was convened to find out what caused the deaths of so many new born children. In these hearings most patents reported that their child was absolutely healthy untill the child was forcefully vaccinated by the doctor. Analysis of these vaccines revealed presence of numerous toxic drugs and elements in these vaccines.

Even vaccination for hepatitis have been made mandatory. In numerous cases 15-20 year old kids, who were vaccinated at their school for hepatitis, developed serious nuerological disorders and autism. There have also been more than 10,000 deaths of teenagers all over the United States that occured soon after the vaccinations. Hence one can understand why people like Bill Gates and David Rockefeller are so interested in promoting vaccination projects all over the world. In last ten years more than 500,000 deaths are considered to be caused by vaccines globally. And yet no government is stopping these murderers who are wiping out the future generations of tommorow.

In last few decades the number of known psychiatric disorders has doubled in number. Reason for this is opportunist psychiatrists and profit oriented Pharmaceutical companies have turned every possible emotional state into a psychiatric disorder. If You are shy of meeting other people then you must be suffering from Social Anxiety disorder, if you are sad by loss of some one dear then you are suffering from depression, if your kid is not sitting quietly and listening to teacher(which might I add, I also never did) then your child must be suffering from ADD or ADHD, if you are very sad sometimes and very happy other times then you must be suffering from Bipolar disorder and there are hundreds of these normal human emotional behaviours being turned into psychiatric disorders. Every good, bad and wonderful emotions that are part of this journey we call life have been hijacked by the Psychiatrists and the big Pharmaceutical Corporations. They have turned this whole human experience into a psychiatric disorder and all of us into crazies.

Psychiatrists themselves believe that more than 3 billion people worldwide are suffering from one for mental disorder or the other. In other words they believe half of the people in the world are nuts. And the psychiatrists themselves say publicly that there is no way of proving and ascertaining that any individual is suffering from any mental disorder or not. There is no kind of blood test or Scanning test that can prove that any person is suffering from any mental illness that psychiatrists say they are suffering from. But most shocking is that even psychiatrists themselves believe that they have no idea about how to cure individuals who are suffering from any psychiatric disorder, at the most what they can do is prescribe a psychotropic drug. Prescribing a drug had become the second nature of psychiatrists world wide. They talk to you for a minute or so then they will scribble something on a piece of paper and there you are all set.

But the real tragedy is that these psychotropic drugs are in no way safe to be taken daily. Drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Paxil, Effexor and Celexa are some of the most regularly prescribed psychiatric drugs. Although there has been no test and studies conducted to check the efficacy of these drugs but it hasn’t stopped our so called mental health experts our psychiatrists from prescribing these drugs at their whims. And even more shocking fact is that most of these psychotropic drugs have not even been properly tested. Most of these drugs were licensed by FDA in what I can only describe as express licensing program. FDA launched a new program in which if a Pharmaceutical Corporation is willing to pay a fixed price of few million dollars then they can get their drug licensed in half the time, that FDA would normally have taken to rigorously test the drug. Now a days some drugs are licensed by FDA in as little as 6 weeks. No thorough clinical trials are performed and no rigorous tests are done on these drugs so there is no way FDA can confirm the efficacy and side effects of these drugs. In other words the first real clinical trial and testing is done when common people take these drugs. Only then the ill effects and dangers posed by these drugs are revealed, but by that time it so too late for some people and they eventually fall victim to this corrupt practice of the FDA.

Many of these drugs pose significant threats to the psychie and mindset of the patient. For example PAXIL alone has resulted in over 10,000 patients committing suicide, within just a few days when that individual started taking PAXIL. I mean some of the side effects cited by the Pharmaceutical companies are truly astonishing. Let me give you a personal example, I was prescribed a drug called ISOTORIN for severe acne problem I was having. One day I casually started reading the possible side effects of this drug. You would be astonished to know what kind of side effects this drug was known to exhibit. And mind you this was just a drug for dermatological treatment. Probable side effects of ISOTORIN were depression, insomnia, restlessness, random emotional outbreaks, irregular cardiac activity, random changes in blood pressure, suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, urge for self mutilation, anger issues, headaches, sadistic tendencies and psychotic outbreaks. I mean WTF. This seems like a drug George Bush is on, because that would explain his sadistic nature. If these are the possible sidefeffects of a dermatological drug then what would a genuine psychotropic drug do to a person mind.

And these drugs have are ravaging the urban populations in majority of English speaking nations like America, Britain, Australia, Canada, Newzealand and Scotland. At an average over 300,000 people world wide die of complications and side effects attributed to these drugs. Everybody knows what is happening all over the world and still no government is taking action against these big pharmaceutical companies. Question arises why? Well one motive is profits. Global sale of these drugs generate over 30 billion dollars of profit. And in Unites States alone over 3 million people are taking these drugs on daily basis. So you can imagine what kind of money is involved in the business of Psychtropic drugs. Most shocking fact is that in recent times there has been a deliberate push towards targeting school children for these drugs. More than 400,000 children between the age of 5 to 19 are currently taking these drugs for variety of disorders that American Psychiatric Association came up with.

In 2010, Cymbalta was prescribed to a number of children for general depression orders as a part of clinical trials. But when the trial subjects were shifted from Cymbalta to placebo, it increased the suicidal tendencies three fold for subjects younger than 24 years. Most notable case was of 19 year Traci Johnson who committed suicide within two days of being shifted to placebo. Despite these notable cases of suicides this drug was still licensed by FDA with a small warning in description that this drug might result in suicidal tendencies. In last 3 years, Cymbalta has been associated with more than 1000 suicides.

Psychiatric disorders and psychotropic drugs have resulted in more than a million deaths world wide in the last decade alone. And it’s quite apparent that niether the FDA and nor the Government are going to do anything about it which clearly proves that some influential people are behind this deliberate drugging of innocent people. And only thing we need to consider is who benefits from all this? Well people who want to reduce the worlds population certainly benefit from all these deaths of innocent people. Secondly the Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the sale of these drugs. So who owns these pharmaceutical corporations? Those same people who want to kill of 90% of global population also own the majority of these Pharmaceutical Corporations too. So it is clearly evident who is behind all these tragic deaths and it also explains why Government doesn’t takes actions against these criminals it is because these people control the government as well. This is how these people have been getting away with murders for all these years.

You all might have heard about GMO foods, but many of you might not know what it means. GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms. To create a GMO, a naturally existing organism is taken and its genetic makeup is changed and then with this new altered genetic material a new kind of organism is created. When the debate on GMOs started in mid 70s, most of the corporate employed scientists cited advantages like increase in food growth by double in same amount of agricultural land as before, crops that are resistant to all kinds of pesticides and herbicides and increase in size of foods grown as the obvious solutions for the global food shortage crisis. Many of you might also be thinking so what’s wrong with that? To understand the dangers posed by GMO food, first we need to understand the basic process of creating genetically modified foods.

Let’s assume that you are a corn farmer. When your corn is ready to be harvested to separate corn from the rest of the plant and then you shred the remaining plant to be utilised for feeding cattle which provide milk and meat products. But every once a while your corn gets infested with some insect or some weed and when you use some strong insecticide or pesticide or herbicide to kill of the insects or the weed ruining your crop, you find out that your crop was also destroyed by the chemicals you used to wipe the insects or weed from your crop. So you contact a Biogeneticists to find a solution to this issue. And what that Biogeneticists does is he locates the most resilient bacteria that possesses natural resistance to all the chemicals that you spray on your crops. Then he find the gene responsible for this resilience in that bacteria and then he adds that gene to the genetic makeup of the corn you grow. Walla..All issues resolved now when your crop gets infested with insects or weeds you simply spray the shit out of your crops with toxic insecticides and herbicides and despite that your corn remains unaffected by the sprayed chemicals.

On the surface it looks all well and good but the reality is quite opposite. When genetic makeup of the corn was altered to make it resilient to chemicals, you don’t only alter the genetic makeup of corn regarding its tolerance to toxins but rather you have changed the entire genetic makeup of the plant. So In a way what you are now growing a different specie of plant. Now one thing we need to understand is that there is a huge difference between the organisms that exist naturally and those which are created artificially by man. Our entire digestive system, out metabolism and each every system in our body is tuned for naturally existing organisms. But when we consume something that has been created in laboratories and doesn’t exist in nature than our body is put under enormous strain of breaking up this modified food. And in most cases our body is not able to digest this food in its entirety and some residual parts of that food start accumulating in our body and that causes in abnormalities like organ failures, digestive acid irregularities, cholesterol abnormalities and new allergies. Moreover this genetically modified food also contaminates our own chromosome makeup and as a result causes infertility or sterilisation.

Studies conducted by various NGOs have concluded that consuming GMO foods has been attributed to 23% chance increase of developing cancers and tumours. An increase of 30% in probability of prostate and breast cancer. And 27% increase in probability of becoming infertile.

But this is hardly the end of the impact of GMOs. Remember you fed your remaining plant in shredded form to your cattle. Now your corn plant might have been resistant to the chemicals and toxins you sprayed but your cattle are in no way immune to these toxins in the plant. So when you feed these plants to your cattle it causes an astronomical increase in cancerous tumours in livestock too. So to cover for this problem you give a lot of antibiotics to your cattle and all these chemicals gets saturated in the body of the animal which ultimately you consume when you eat meat and drink milk.

Another common practice nowadays is use of RBGH or Rapid Bovine Growth Hormone to increase the amount of milk produced by the cow. RBGH might be capable of increasing milk production but it also puts enormous pressure on the body of the animal itself. This extra strain of producing more milk causes ulcers and tumours in the milk producing glands. So the milk produced by the cow also contains a lot of puss from these ulcers. To counter this problem the animal is again given large amounts of antibiotics but this just delays the inevitable and that is animal dying a slow agonising and painful death. Along with toxication of our food another issue involved in this situation is morality of these actions. We are not only responsible for our well being but we are morally and ethically responsible for caring for the animals that provide us food too. And I find this practice morally very distressing that these animals that provide us food are made to suffer such excruciating diseases.

Recently a company called Epicyte patented a gene that they discovered. This gene known as the Epicyte Gene when ingested by either male or female humans produces specific kind of antibodies that attack the male sperm and basically turns a man sterile. And when the male sperm is deposited in a female during intercourse than the antibodies produced in the female attack the sperm and turn that female infertile. This was a dangerous discovery so Epicyte decided not to sell it to Monsanto when it approached the Epicyte for purchasing the rights to this gene. After being turned down a number of times, Monsanto and DuPont eventually collaborated and purchased the entire company of Epicyte.
Now what would a GMO food producing company and a chemical company want with this Epicyte Gene? Well I think answer is quite simple, by adding this gene to the GMO foods they can sterilise mass populations at the same time. Sterilisation means no children. No children means no future generation. And no future generation means less people tommorow.

All the diseases caused by the GMO foods and tainted animal food products are turning America into a nation of sick people. America’s 28% of the GDP is spent on providing medical services to its sick citizens. But its effects are more far reaching than just economic. GMO foods are being used for spreading deadly diseases amongst the population and to achieve mass sterilisations. All this is aimed for depopulation and drastic reduction in procreation rate.

Issue of Water Fluoridation is one of the most publicised issues in the long list of deliberate attempts of Government to poison its own citizens. But despite this there is a lot of misinformation in minds of common citizens about the impacts of water fluoridation. One of the most common arguments that supporters of water fluoridation make is that in some areas fluoride is also present in the ground water, and if it exists in nature and has been used by humans for centuries than it assures us of the fact that fluoride doesn’t pose any threat to our health. Well I agree that fluoride does exist naturally in underground water but the difference is that fluoride found in underground water is the purest form of fluoride(which means its single element of fluoride not the combination of different elements like the ones we use for fluoridation for example sodium fluoride). The natural fluoride doesn’t pose any threat to our health because its pH value is not altered by any other element combined with it. But when we use toxic materials like Aluminium Fluoride, Zirconium Fluoride, Sodium Hexafluorosilicate Acid and Fluoridesillicic Acid for water fluoridation than we also add the combined elements in the water which changes the toxicity and ph value of water.

An estimated 40,000 tons of fluorosilicic acid (equivalent to about 70,000 tons of 92% fluorspar) was recovered from phosphoric acid plants processing phosphate rock. Fluorosilicic acid was used primarily in water fluoridation, either directly or after processing into sodium silicofluoride. Although no separate studies have been conducted to test the safety and efficacy of Sodium Silicofluoride and Aluminium Zirconium Fluoride on humans but this hasn’t stopped the EPA from allowing the dumping of all these toxins into the public water supply.

Fluorine is a highly toxic element. Proponents say it is a nutrient. Scientists are mixed on this point. If it is a necessary nutrient, only a trace amount is needed in the body. We get this from foods such as tea, and small amounts are found naturally in most drinking water. Sodium fluoride, the chemical used in water fluoridation, is a cumulative toxin. It is sold as rat poison, used in pesticides, and is the active ingredient in Saran nerve gas. Fluoride tablets require a prescription, unlike any other nutrient mineral. All fluoride toothpaste comes with a warning label. The label states “Keep out of the reach of children under 6. If you swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately.” This warning applies to anything greater than a pea-sized drop of toothpaste on your brush.

Fluoride is considered one of the worst, if not the worst airborne pollutant, responsible for decimating fish and wildlife populations. The United States is one of 22 nations that signed a treaty promising not to dump fluorides into the oceans, lakes or rivers. In the doses that fluoridated water provides, fluoride is associated with higher rates of birth defects, cancer and immunosuppression, lower IQ of children, dental and skeletal fluorosis, and neurological problems. It has also been shown to cause increased bone fractures, cataracts and infant mortality, and some 20 other health effects. A study in Brain Research showed that fluoride in the water fed to rats increased the absorption of aluminum into the rats brains, causing alterations in the brains similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. Also, fluoride is highly corrosive. Several studies in Massachusetts and elsewhere found higher levels of lead in the drinking water in fluoridated areas. This is most likely due to corrosion of lead pipe joints as a result of the corrosive chemical.

A new study also showed that fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland. This is a hormonal control center and causes severe imbalances in some sensitive people. The work, titled Fluoride Deposition In The Aged Pineal Gland was done as a PhD thesis by Jennifer Luke and published in Caries Research. It can also be found at

The fluoride itself isn’t the only problem. The issue is that chemical used to fluoridate water is not pure. Hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium fluoride are industrial wastes, by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry. They contain traces of lead, arsenic, mercury, kerosene, napha, and other pollutants from the smokestack scrubbers of phosphate factories. They also contain radioactive elements which as you know are extremely harmful to our bodies. So if the efficacy of water fluoridation can’t be proved then what is the motive behing this mandatory water fluoridation? Motive is simple, to make population sick and diseased. But the main targets of water fluoridation are our children because fluoridated water has resulted in numerous nuerological disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s in children. Aim is once again to reduce the population and turn the remaining future generations docile and dull so that they can easily be ruled.

You all might have heard about the infamous CHEMTRAILS and I know many of you would have ridiculed the person who was telling you about them. You would have said “oh come on. grow up. Don’t be so paranoid. Those are just the trails that jets make in the sky”. Well I sincerely hope that by now you would have realised what those lines in the sky are? Just for the sake of formality, let me explain the difference between Contrails that we normally see jets forming in the sky and the CHEMTRAILS that we see now a days. Aviation fuel, which is basically kerosene oil contains water contaminants in it. When the fuel is burned in the Jet engine, this water based contaminants are turned to steam and pushed out through the exhaust of the Jet engine. But because the exterior temperature at that height is much colder, when the steam exits through the exhaust it is immediately condensed into water droplets. And these droplets of water make that trail behind the plane. But because they are just water droplets, they quickly disperse and the trail vanishes just few hundred meters behind the plain. Those trails are called Contrails short for condensation trails.

But what we are watching in the sky these days are not contrails, an obvious clue is those trails last for several hours creating a mesh in the sky. And even after so many hours, they don’t vanish but rather they spread over the whole sky making it seem milky white in colour and not the usual sky blue. So if they are not contrails then what are they?

Recently US government started to disperse a mixture of various metallic particles in the sky for multiple purposes. These particle mixtures contains small particles of Aluminium, Barium, Strontium, Mercury and Zinc. The cover story for this operation is that geoengineers are trying to spread a layer of reflective metal particles at high altitude in the atmosphere in order to reflect excessive radiation from sun back into the space and reduce the heating up of the earth. But there is another theory that government is spraying these aerosols in the sky to amplify the effect of HAARP. Allegedly the HAARP technology enables the US military to create artificial earthquakes and hurricanes by manipulating the electromagnetic fields in our atmosphere. As fictitious as it may seem but HAARP is a reality. Just search for HAARP on Wikipedia or on YouTube and you will find all the information you need to understand the HAARP technology.

As probable as these uses of this aerosol spraying might be but they are for sure serving a more insidious purpose too. When these metallic elements are sprayed into the atmosphere, they slowly and eventually fall down to the ground. When they fall to the ground, they contaminate natural water bodies like rivers, streams and lakes. All these elements make a thin film like layer on the surface of the water which become a big hazard for animals drinking water from these contaminated bodies of water.

Secondly these particles are so small that when they fall onto the land they settle on the leaves and branches of the vegetation in that area, and they block the pores of the plants in leaves and in branches. This results in choking of the plant’s air and sunlight absorption system and eventually leads to the death of that plant or tree. So these aerosols can also be used to contaminate our ecological environment and kill our natural supply of food.

Another impact of aerosols that has been noticed is where ever government had repeatedly sprayed these metallic aerosols in the atmosphere, a large number of mysterious mass deaths of cattle have been reported. Another strange incident that occured within days of the spraying of these aerosols is that hundreds and thousands of pregnant domestic animals and cattle in Arizona, mysteriously suffered miscarriages in huge numbers. As many as 98% animal pregnancies ended in miscarriage and abortion of the fetus. This is a troubling situation and many people have theorised that this was just a trial to see how this mode of transfer for this specific element X works out. And it was all done to test that if a similar agent that targets human pregnancies was sprayed into the atmosphere, how much area will it impact, what kind of range it will cover and what impact would natural variables like wind and rain have on its travelling capabilities. This issue arose when large number of pregnant women started to suffer from pregnancy complication and in some cases these complications resulted in miscarriages and abortions.

Moreover the metallic particles of Aluminum, Barium, Syrontium, Mercury and Zinc are highly toxic for human beings. If a person inhales these aerosols while breathing then this will lead to accumulation of these metallic particles in the lungs which can further create complication like lung cancer and other bronchitis based disorders. Mercury, Aluminium and Zinc have also been associated to the rise of nuerological disorders like Autism in America. There has been an outbreak of Autism in children in recent times so it makes me wonder that is this aerosol spraying in any way responsible for that too.

Government might be spraying these metallic toxins in the atmosphere for various reasons but when one analyses the risk that these metallic toxins pose to the health of humans, animals and plants, it becomes more and more apparent that causing wide scale destruction of life is one of their goals for spraying these metals in the atmosphere.


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