Global Watchman on the lookout


Whenever I hear people talking about the radical religious extremists, 99% of the times they are talking about Muslim Extremism. I am not a Muslim so my thoughts are not biased and I am only saying what I truly notice in the world. It’s quite apparent to me that for certain individuals only religious extremists in this world are Islamic Extremists or anybody except their own faith. First of all religion is a path of spirituality and peace and if your faith makes you point fingers at others then I suggest you should rather become an atheist. Because no religion teaches that followers of other religions should be hated. No religion teaches its own superiority over every other religion. If yours does then you should choose another spiritual path to follow.

Radicalisation is not a patented right of Islam. Radicalisation occurs in every religion and I mean every religion. It doesn’t matter what religion you analyse, you will find a radical extremist aspect in it. If religious extremism is identified by persecution of followers of other religions then Christianity is without any doubt a religion that has been most plagued by radicalisation throughout its history. An obvious example of Christian extremism are the crusades. A belief that you have the god given right to rule over a particular land just because founder of your religion lived at that place, is in itself a radicalisation of your religious believes. And when you take an army to wage a war on the people of that land, this is an extremist act. Christian crusades resulted in deaths of hundreds and thousands of Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. So what would you call this massacre of humanity? Is it a just act?

Throughout the history Christains have repeatedly persecuted Jews in Europe. And when Christianity missionaries eventually traveled to all corners of the world, they commonly employed brutal and violent tactics to force indegenous populations of that land to convert them to Christianity. Africans were persecuted by Christian missionaries for a long time,even as late as 1990s when finally apartheid was abolished in South Africa. Portuguese missionaries committed unimaginable attrocities against the local Hindu and Muslim populations in Goa, India. When Spanish Conquistadors reached South America they slaughtered the indegenous populations in order to convert them to Christianity, infact all the Christian explorers from Europe whether it was Christopher Columbus or Juan Ponce De León, every single one of them committed heinous atrocities against indegenous people either to purge the land off indegenous populations or to convert them to Christianity.

And even today innocent civilians of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan are under attack by largely Christian nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Italy. So should we consider these acts of war against Muslim populations as attacks by Radical Christian Extremists? Why not, if Islamic terrorists targeting non Muslims is an act of Islamic extremism then what’s the difference between them and what USA and its allies are doing in Middle East. More than 2.5 million innocent civilians have lost their lives in this farce of a war on terror.

So basically 2.5 million civilians, who were 99.99% Muslims were brutally murdered by an invading army made up of 99% Christian soldiers. What should we make of this? Should we consider this war as a military conflict? Or Sould we consider this as acts of radicalised Christian extremism?

And what can one say about the Zionist State of Israel? First they bombed and massacred innocent inhabitants of Palestine. And when the Palestinian people fled to save their lives, Zionists occupied their lands and their houses. Then they just refused to allow the Palestinians to return to their own homes. To settle the dispute United Nations divided up Palestine into the Jewish State of Israel and Palestinian state. But soon after that Zionist cockroaches started a campaign of forcefully occupying the land that was given to Palestinians. Israel has been continuously occupying more and more land that was given to Palestinians in the UN Charter. UN has openly condemned Israeli illegal occupation of Palestinian land and told Israel to immediately vacate the occupied land. It’s been over 25 years and Israel is yet to comply with that ruling of UN.

For over six decades Israelis have been committing most heinous crimes against the Palestinian people. How can a nation that deliberately targets and slaughters infants and children claim a moral high ground? After shooting bullets into heads and chests of babies what right do the Israelis have to announce themselves as righteous. The shear hypocrisy of Israelis is beyond belief. But when these cocksucker zionists claim that they have been the targets of Islamic Extremism, they quite conveniently forget their own Zionist doctrine, The Protocols of Zion.

The Protocols of Elders of Zion were established in a late 19th-century meeting of Jewish leaders discussing their goal of global Jewish hegemony by subverting the morals of Gentiles, and by controlling the press and the world’s economies. So basically what Protocols of Zion consists of is a step by step plan for establishing a Jewish hegemony at a global level by use of subversive and covert means. And this was to be achieved with manipulation of media and the economy. First step of this plan was to establish a Zionist State of Israel in Palestine. Every kind of immoral, unethical, unhumane and acts of despotism were allowed to be utilised in achievement of the goals specified in Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

So what right do zionists have to say that Muslims are working to create a global Islamic state when they themselves have the very same agenda in mind. But there is one difference in their ideologies. Muslims believe that when they create a global Islamic state non Muslims can convert to Islam to appease Allah. But Zionists believe that all non-zionists and they even include anti-Zionist Jews in this grouping are unworthy of living amidst them so they need to wiped out. Now you tell me whos’s ideology poses greatest danger to humanity. So here you have it, Jews also have a radical element amongst them.

Now we should come to third largest religious denomination in the world, Hinduism. An radical Hindu extremist ideology also exists with the religion of Hinduism. There have been numerous religion based massacres in India where extremist Hindus have massacred hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Christians and Sikhs on number of occasions. Some well known Hindu extremist organisation in India are RSS(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and VHP( Vishwa Hindu Parishad). For years and years these organisation have been connected to numerous acts of terrorism in India in which hundreds of people have died. Members of these organisation have even been criminally indicted and sentenced for committing mass murders of Christian missionaries in Southern and Eastern India. Even the infamous 26-11 Mumbai attacks were allegedly the work of Hindu Separatists along with American intellegence agencies to entice India into attacking Pakistan and enter the war on terror.

Since India won its Independence in 1947, there have been more than half a dozen instances of extremely violent communal riots in India which have claimed thousands of innocent lives of every religious denomination. So even Hinduism is plagued by extremist radicals.

Hence it’s clearly evident that every religion has its own share of extremist radical so is it justified to demonise the religion of Islam for its extremist elements as if it is the only religion with the cancer of radical extremism.

I think most humans around the world overemphasise on religion. I agree faith is in everyone’s heart and only that person himself can realise the depth of his faith. But when human lives are being sacrificed for sake of some mythical believes which we don’t know who wrote and we don’t either know when he wrote them, this whole situation doesn’t makes any sense. Every messiah tried to teach humanity one thing, that was to love and respect every living being equally, then where did this question of superiority come from. If it didn’t come from the prophets then why do people believe and follow such moronic things. People have distorted the meaning of religion and redefined it to suit their particular needs. People who are moral, calm and composed, for them religion is a path of spirituality. People who are aggressive, hostile and have some particular agenda of their own, for them religion is a license to wage their personal war under the name of their religion. So in reality there are no extreme and radical teachings in any religion, what makes a religion extreme is its followers. It’s the followers’s own person ideologies that make a religion extreme.

So we should identify this fact and stop framing any particular religion with brand of extremism. The reason why Islam today is associated most commonly with extremism is the way western media rigorously covers the incidents involving Islamic extremists but on the same hand they totally ignored the attrocities committed by other religious extremists. A common example of this is how media portrays Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When ever any Israeli is killed then media reports that Palestinian terrorists attacked and killed innocent Israelis and when Israelis soldiers murdered innocent Plaestinians, then media report that brave Israeli soldiers killed Palestinian terrorists when they were attacked by terrorists while on Patrol. So either way Palestinians are framed as terrorists and Israelis as victims even though the truth is the other way around.

We should never believe what Government officials, Politicians and main stream media say or report because their interest is not served by truthful and honest reporting of the news, so they never have and they never will report the truth. Research on your own, analyse the free information widely available on the internet. Don’t let your religion become a limitation to your intellect. Don’t let your perception of the world be influenced by your believes. And you will too realise that its the every individuals personal ideologies that generate extremism not the religion.


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