Global Watchman on the lookout


Exactly three years ago, a squad of Navy SEALs reportedly killed Osama Bin Laden in Northern Pakistani city of Abottabad. Allegedly the mastermind of 9-11 WTC attacks and the leader of infamous terrorist organisation Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden had been successfully eluding and escaping every attempt of his capture by the NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan for nearly 11 years, ever since the US invasion of Afghanistan. But finally on May 2nd 2011, US achieved its main objective of invading Afghanistan. 

A little after 11 PM on the night of May 1st, a special squad of Navy Seals consisting of 24 members took off in helicopters from their base in Afghanistan. The SEALs flew into Pakistan from a staging base in the city of Jalalabad in Eastern Afghanistan after originating from Bagram Air Base in North Eastern Afghanistan. It took nearly 90 minutes for the SEALs team to reach their destination and at about 12:30 AM team touched at their target just outside the Pakistani city of Abottabad. A small gunfight between the SEALs team and Osama Bin Laden’s henchmen, ensued in which 4 individuals were killed including Osama Bin Laden. 


The whole operation lasted less than 38 minutes and was over a little after 1:00 AM of May 2nd 2011. Total of 78 personnel and a dog were involved in the operation which also included agents of Central Intelligence Agency and 160th Special Aviation Operation Regiment. During the exchange of fire between the two sides, one of the choppers used in transport of SEALs team was hit and was rendered nonoperational. A standby Chunuk from Bagram Air Base was sent to the operation site to withdraw the team after completion of the operation. Damaged chopper was destroyed with explosives to avoid it falling in the hands of terrorists. 

Within hours, Osama Bin Laden’s corpse was transferred from Bagram Air Base to the air craft carrier USS Carl Vinson. And from the carrier the body of Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea. And with this biggest manhunt in the history of the world ended in a success.

This was the official account of details about the operation, by US Government. But there are a lot of big elephant sized holes in the official account. For example why was the corpse of Osama Bin Laden dumped in the sea in such a hurry? Why was no photographs or video taken for documentation purposes and for verification purposes? Only photograph of Bin Laden’s body that was issued by US Government looks like a poorly photoshopped image created by morphing an older image of Bin Laden with an image of some other dead terrorist. 

And no other photograph or video was released to the public. It was later revealed that there were no other photographs or video documenting the death of Osama Bin Laden. Doesn’t this seems bizarre that upon neutralising of America’s most wanted man for 11 years, no image or video was taken in order to record and document the fulfilment of long eluding objective. Even a 10 year old kid has a phone with camera these days, so something just doesn’t quite adds up.

As far as hurried dumping of Osama Bin Laden’s body in the sea is concerned, the US Government gave an even more unbelievable explanation. The government spokesman said that according to Islamic tradition, to be buried at sea, the dead body has to dumped into the ocean within 24 hours of the death of the individual. Admiral of USS Carl Vinson reportedly contacted the leadership of Saudi Arabia to enquire about the Islamic rituals involved in the process of burial at sea and to seek permission for burial of Bin Laden’s body at sea because he was still a citizen of Saudi Arabia at time of his death. 

This whole charade was beyond belief and highly improbable. What US Government indirectly said was that they were concerned about Bin Laden’s afterlife hence they wanted a traditional Islamic ritualistic burial at sea, mind you this was the man who allegedly murdered more than 3000 innocent US citizens on the WTC attacks on 9-11. In other words they were worried that if burial was not done within the period of 24 hours, Bin Laden might not be allowed an admittance into heaven in his afterlife. And if I may remind you, this was a man whom US Government itself considered to be the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks and the biggest threat to America’s national security. A man whose capture attempts had cost hundreds of American lives during the war in Afghanistan. Now you tell me does the official reasoning behind insufficient documentation of Bin Laden’s body and the hurried dumping of his corpse at sea seems legitimate and believable to you. It sure doesn’t look like that to me. 

Now some of you may ask, Why would US Government lie about all this? And why now ?

Answers to these questions of why and why now will be answered by the end of this article. But first we need to analyse the history of US foreign policies in Afghanistan.

In year 1979, US started to supply arms and funds to the Afghan rebels fighting against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. This whole operation of arming the Afghan rebel group called Mujaheddin was the planned and executed by Zbigniew Brzezinski who was National Security Advisor to president Jimmy Carter at that time. Brzezinski was quite famous for his radical ideologies and incredible hate against Soviet Union. He openly stated that he wanted to turn Afghanistan into Russia’s Vietnam. And to achieve this, he traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1979. The Afghan rebel group at that time was headed by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar an Afghan native. To provide more support to Hekmatyar, Brzezinski formed another faction of rebels which was to be headed by a young Saudi millionaire turned Islamic fighter named Osama Bin Laden. Throughout the term of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, US supplied arms worth billions of dollars to the Afghan rebels. This included more than 25,000 stinger missiles.

In year 1990, Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan. After Soviet withdrawal Mujaheddin split up into number of different factions and started fighting each other for the control of Afghanistan. Arms supplied by US for fight against Soviets were now being utilised by Afghan factions against each other. As Afghanistan plunged into a bloody civil war, Osama Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia.



After returning from Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden travelled quite regularly to America to meet up with CIA officials in Washington and to visit his family property and land in Arkansas. Bin Laden Family had been close friends of the Bush family for a long time. Osama Bin Laden’s dad was a close friend of George.H.Bush Sr. After returning to Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden literally disappeared from international stage. 

It wasn’t until 1996 that CIA reintroduced Bin Laden into limelight but this time with a specific purpose for him. This time Osama Bin Laden returned as leader of a CIA generated fictitious terrorist organisation called Al Qaeda. CIA planned to utilise Bin Laden and his imaginary terror group to regain a strong strategic presence in Asia. 

Osama Bin Laden travelled once more along with his family in late 1999. As luck had it this turned out to be his last visit to the US. Allegedly during this time the plan for staging September 11 attacks was formulated by the CIA and Bin Laden. While in America, Bin Laden suffered a kidney failure and was hospitalised. An urgent surgery had to be performed to remove the failed kidney. Surgery was a success but Bin Laden remained hospitalised for next two months. And in February 2000, Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia along with his family. 

After returning from US, Osama Bin Laden travelled a number of times to Pakistan and Afghanistan to lay the groundwork for the staging of future attacks of 9-11. During one of these visits to Pakistan, Bin Laden suffered another serious attack and had to be admitted to the Army Hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. There doctors told him that his remaining kidney had also started to fail and to live a normal life he has to undergo dialysis procedure atleast once a week. Being unable to travel anymore, Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia.

In August 2001, his remaining kidney started to give up and he had to be hospitalised at an US Army hospital at the American base in Dubai. For a short period his health seemed to have improved but it was just a short reprieve before the storm. On September 8th 2002, Osama Bin Laden suffered another attack of kidney failure and had to hospitalised once again at the US Army hospital in Dubai. There he underwent an emergency kidney transplant operation but within a day of the operation, Bin Laden’s body started to reject the transplanted kidney. 

From this moment on, Osama Bin Laden was living on borrowed time with his every body function being performed by machines. He must have watched the September 11 attacks from his hospital bed in Dubai. By December 2001, Osama Bin Laden’s organs started to fail one by one and on 26th December 2001, Bin Laden died of multiple organ failure. Mere 75 days after the attacks of September 11 which were allegedly planed by him, he was dead. Quite ironically Osama Bin Laden died even before US invaded Afghanistan for his capture.


A number of newspapers in Middle East and Pakistan published the news of his death. A number of renowned dignitaries attended his funeral including CIA Head of Middle East, US ambassador to Saudi Arabia and members of Saudi Royal Family. Even Pakistani president Gen.Parvez Musharraf called Bin Laden family to offer his condolences. Death of Osama Bin Laden was a common knowledge in most Arab and South Asian countries. Bush administration was well aware of the death of Osama Bin Laden, but they decided to hide it from American public because news about the death of Osama Bin Laden would certainly have affected the support of American public for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. 



Now question arises, why now? Why stage this hoax after 11 years? Public had almost forgotten or given up on the the idea about capture of Osama Bin Laden.

As far as question of why? The reason is similar to the reasoning behind sudden release of Osama Bin Laden’s video after a gap of 3 years in October 2004 days before the US Presidential Elections in 2004. Reasoning for this was to remind US public that boogeyman was still at large and had to be dealt with, this motivated US public to relect George.W.Bush in the 2004 elections. 

The news about capture of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on 13th December 2003 was completely identical to the news about the death of Osama Bin Laden in 2011. News about capture of Saddam Hussein renewed public’s faith in George.W.Bush which aided in his victory in 2004 Elections.

Reasoning behind the news of Osama Bin Laden been killed in December 2011 was similar to the purpose that Saddam Hussein’s capture served for George.W.Bush . Presidential Elections of 2012 were a year away and Barrack Obama’s approval ratings had been falling continously for last 2 years. Hence to turn the tide of falling popularity of Obama, news about death of Osama Bin Laden was released. This news renewed public’s faith in Barrack Obama by sending out a message that he had fulfilled the biggest objective behind invasions of Afghanistan. The trick worked again and Barrack Obama won the elections in 2012.

One thing that American public needs to realise is that nothing happens by chance in Washington’s Political Arena. Every move is a calculated and perfectly choreographed one. Even the smallest of things can become the difference between victory and defeat in a political contest. The candidate who is able to mesmerise more people with his false promises and over-lavished claims turns out to be victorious. Honesty was never supposed to be a deciding factor in politics from the very beginning. So if you are acompetent liar and an excellent chess player than you should probably try your luck in politics, I bet you will do good in it.


I watched and laughed at people who collected at Ground Zero, to celebrate the news of Bin Laden’s death. They were all waving US flags and singing praises for Barrack Obama. While I was laughing at these idiots at Ground Zero in New York, I realised how easy it was to fool these morons into believing virtually anything that one wished to make them believe. The term “sheeple” resonated in my mind at that time. 


Finally I understood the true reason why elite call us sheeple. Because unlike sheep we don’t even need a sheepdog to control us, we are willing to let ourselves be controlled because we have no individual identity and because we are extremely vary of individual thinking. If we were presented an option of standing up and revealing truth to a crowd or either joining up a crowd to shout out lies collectively. Most of us will choose later. This is because we feel much safer in numbers rather than being in limelight and as centre of attention. This is the essence of being a sheeple.

Question, whether Osama Bin Laden was responsible for attacks on 9-11 or not, still cannot be answered with absolute conviction and moreover I think its a foregone conclusion now. But I am sure of one thing, May 2nd 2011 encounter of Osama Bin Laden made him a legend for sure. 

If for nothing else, he surely will be remembered as a man who died twice.



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