Global Watchman on the lookout


Philanthropy is a quite significant word of our times, not because of its meaning but rather due to its application today. The world Philanthropist has become a title or a honor that our society bestows upon certain individuals. This word in itself demands respect even if you don’t know the guy who’s name it is attached to. This is the significance of this word. The earliest use of this word is dated back to the mid-18th century Greece. A Greek aristocrat named Augustus Morilious built resting places and provided free drinking water and food for the travelers from far lands.  He also provided food and shelter for the poor and homeless. And each and every facility provided by him was free of cost. So people loved and respected him a lot and with this love they named him “Philanthrõpõs”. Greek Word “philein” means to love and the word “anthrõpõs” means human being. So by joining these two words they created “Philanthrõpõs” which meant “the one who loves human beings or humanity”. And from there came the English word Philanthropy.

In 21st Century lay man terms, a Philanthropist is a person who utilises his or her own personal wealth to provide free of cost food, shelter, medicine, education or technological equipment to the orphaned children or the poor. So quite understandably some of the richest individuals in the world are also some of the well known Philanthropists like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Nathan Rothschild and many others. Most of these people are shrewd and cut throat businessmen and being kind hardly fits their domeanor. So where is this sudden change in heart coming from?

All these people have created an illusion about themselves in our minds, that they are very kind hearted, sensible and responsible human beings. And they do it by staging few highly publicised and well attended charitable events in the presence of huge media gathering. Some do it to improve their public perception while others might do it to for the sake of publicity but there would also be some individuals who do it for their own sinister objectives. And it is these people who harbor insidious plans in their hearts. These are some of the biggest names of our time. People like Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Nathan Rothschild and Ted Turner are some of the biggest philanthropists in the whole world. But the love for humanity is far from their true motives. And they all have a common objective that they desire to achieve at any cost.

In recent times Bill Gates has been quite regularly speaking in the public about the problem earth is facing due to overpopulation. Mr. Gates says humans are putting too much carbon dioxide out into the atmosphere and it has become a serious issue. Totally ignoring the fact that some of the most credible scientists have debunked this whole nonsense about the global warming. Bill Gates further gives his solution for reducing this carbon dioxide emission. He quite blatantly says that the current level of human population is unsustainable and has to be reduced quite substantially. He says earths total populations has to be reduced to 1 billion or less, to reduce the burden we humans put on earth.

In other words Bill Gates is saying that approximately 6 billion people have to be killed to make the remaining human population sustainable by earth i.e.85% of the current population. Furthermore he explained how this reduction in population growth can be achieved. He said that we have to take certain steps to reduce the rate of population growth. He proclaimed that around 15% of this population growth has already been reduced with the help of vaccination drives and if we use vaccines more wisely and widely in future, then this number can be further reduced. When I heard it first time, i got confused a little, I mean the whole purpose of vaccinations is to improve health of people by safeguarding them against diseases then how can vaccinations reduce the rate of growth. Facing a wall of criticism for his comments, Bill Gates brilliantly changed the whole perspective of what he was saying by forwarding a totally ludicrous theory that people tend to try for more kids if they lose their earliest child to some disease or ailment. So if the health of their first born child can be assured and safeguarded with proper vaccination, then this will deter people from trying for more kids. And he explained that he was talking in relation to this theory when he said that vaccinations can be used to reduce population growth rate. Anybody who knows even a little bit about social demographics, can easily turn this theory on its head by citing families who never lost any child and still ended up having 6-7 children. I became curious only after this awful attempt of Bill Gates to save his public image. I searched on the internet and finally saw the heinous monster behind the nerdy sweet guy image of Bill Gates.


Bill Gates and his wife Melinda established a global charitable organistion called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The primary function that this organisation performs is free provisions of vaccinations for polio, hepatitis, measles etc for the poor people of the third world countries like India, Bangladesh and African countries. It seems all good and noble, doesn’t it. But the reality is quite opposite.

From the year 2005 to 2010, Melinda Gates foundation provided vaccinations for nearly one million poor children of India, 2 million in Bangladesh and approximately 1 million in South Africa, Congo, Nigeria and Uganda. And within a year over 50,000 children in India, who were vaccinated by the Gates Foundation developed serious Neurological disorders like epilepsy(seizures), amnesia(loss of memory), agnosia(loss of capability to identify people and things), aphasia(inability to develope language skills), dysarthria(speech related issues), apraxia (inability to notice patterns and movement), Parkinson’s disease-Tourette’s Syndrome (movement disorders), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS)-Multiple Sclerosis(MS), Autism, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Migraine. There was no history of any such disease in the family nevertheless children mysteriously developed these neurological disorders. A thorough enquiry into the issue revealed that polio vaccine given to children in India was infected with a virus of unknown origin. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation quickly hushed up the entire scandal probably by compensating some of the most aggrieved families.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also supplied various vaccinations for adults as well like vaccinations for hepatitis A and B. More than 30% of total adults who were vaccinated became sterile. Nearly all of these patients were less than 30 years of age and had no kids yet. Now thanks to Gates Foundation they never will. One such a incident happened in Philippines where it became a big scandal. At Manila nearly 5000 women were given vaccination and supplementary injections in year 2011. And in case of almost all of these 5000 women, their first and second pregnancies ended in miscarriages. There was huge outcry in public and media regarding this unfortunate event. Government of Philippines ordered an official inquiry into the matter.

When doctors of Philippines Medical Association analysed the drug used in vaccination they discovered a unique hormone in the drug. It turned out that this particular hormone had the ability to turn the mother’s own body hostile towards its unborn fetus. Because of this fetus is attacked by antibodies and eventually results in miscarriage. Melinda Gates Foundation and Melinda Gates personally was indicted in this matter by Philippines Supreme Court and eventually the case was settled out of court with undisclosed settlement amount. As a result Melinda Gates foundation was barred from operating in Philippines in the future.

Now do you understand what Bill Gates meant when he said that with intelligent use of vaccinations, rate of population growth can be reduced. Speaking at a convention in the United States, Bill Gates presented a formula for estimating global carbon dioxide emission. This formula consisted of four variables Population of the planet, CO2 emission per person, services used by each person and CO2 generated per unit for those services. Then Bill Gates explained the formula and said to minimise the global carbon dioxide emission one of the variables has to be reduced to virtual zero and only radical reduction that can be achieved is in global population. He further continued that extensive utilisation of vaccines in third world countries has reduced the population growth by 15% and further reduction of 20% can be achieved with much more elaborate use of vaccines. Than he arrogantly mentioned that if he had one wish for the next 50 years then he won’t choose the next president neither will he choose some new technological advancement, thing he will choose is a vaccine that could reduce population growth. And then he proclaimed he just loves vaccines.

Bill Gates is not alone in this obsession of his about reducing world population. He is part of an evil cabal which consists of many other billionaires like Ted Turner, David Rockefeller and Nathan Rothschild. And these sadistic individuals don’t even try to hide their psychopathic desires. Nathan Rothschild sadistically quoted once that if he was to be reincarnated then he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus so that he can wipe out 95% of the worlds population. These are the kind of individuals who have been honoured with the title of Philanthropists.

Philanthropists like Bill Gates(if you can call him one) who has earned his fortune courtesy of a global population using his products, forgets that its because of this population which is an eyesore for him, that he was able to achieve all he has. If there had been just a 500 million people in the world like he wishes now, he would still have been selling assembled computers from his dad’s garage. But it doesn’t matter to him now in the least, he’s got more money than he’ll ever need, so now he wants less people in this world, it is the height of hypocricy.

Like Augustus Morilious, Bill Gates too has a dream but unlike Augustus Morilious his dream is not about helping others, his dream is about eradication of 95 % of the global population. It’s quite ironic for an individual to hate people when he has build all his empire by selling goods to those very people. I guess this tells us all about ethical and moral standing of these people.


And he arrogantly states that his biggest dream is to help create a more sustainable tomorrow, a tomorrow that consists one tenth of the current population. A tomorrow where remaining humanity is enslaved by these so called Philanthropists. A tomorrow which will be created by ending 6 billion lives today.

So what do you think about this little dream of a Philanthropist?





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