Global Watchman on the lookout

Here comes the Red Horseman…..

In my view the second horseman of the apocalypse the red horseman never left the humanity since he came here last time. He must have gotten used to us humans continously butchering each other every single day. Has there ever been a time in last 2000 years where war hasn’t ravaged humanity? I can’t recall any such peaceful time. From crusades to holy wars, from imperial invasions to religious wars, from tribal wars to world wars, we have always been a close friend of the red horseman. And once again we are on verge of another blood galore for red horseman as America and Russia are engaged in an intense stare down,with the fate of all humanity is hanging in the balance. Once again the sword of thermonuclear war is dangling over the neck of humanity. It’s not the first time that these two giants have caused such a situation. The Cuban missile crisis of 1962-63 had also brought the world on the brink of a nuclear world war. This incident occurred during the height of Cold War which was being waged between USSR and USA. But ever since the collapse of Soviet Union in 1989, America has become an unchallenged bully of the world. 

USA has continued with its sadistic foreign policies by continuously invading several sovereign nations for completely unethical and unreliable reasons. Ever since the end of Second World War, American secret intelligence agencies have successfully orchestrated the overthrow of more than 50 foreign governments and has assassinated hundreds of foreign leaders. This has resulted in civil wars in several of the countries which have further resulted in loss of millions of lives. Under the control of an evil cabal of sadistic and psychopathic individuals, America has become a tool of oppression and suffering for humanity. 

Waging a war of terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya, US has caused deaths of more than 2 million civilians. And now US with it allies is all set to invade Syria and Iran. US knows it well enough that any kind of military action against either of these countries will force Russia and China to reciprocate accordingly. But this is precisely what the globalists have been planning for a long long time. This cabal of bankers are also known as globalists, elitists or most commonly as Illuminati. With the order of freemasonry and several other secret societies deeply connected to it, Illuminati has become the single most influential secret cult in the world. Their power even surpasses the power of the president of United States of America. 

This secret organization wields so much power in America that not even the US President can challenge their authority. If some one does challenge their authority, he or she is either assassinated or politically destroyed in order to be removed from the position. Late Honorable President of United States of America John Frank Kennedy was the last true president of USA who thought about the citizens of America before everything else. And precisely because of this he was murdered by the illuminati. JFK was attempting to free American citizens from the clutches of debt creating system of a Federal Reserve. This was precisely the reason why JFK and later his brother Bobby Kennedy were both assassinated.

But question arises, Since when and how did Illuminati gain such a formidable hold on human society? This story of Illuminati started in 1773 when the founder of Rothschild banking empire Amschel Mayer Von Rothschild employed a Jesuit professor of Canon Law named Adam Wieshaupt to perform a certain task. Wieshaupt was infamous within the Jesuit community as an individual of radical and authoritarian believes. Rothschild wanted Wieshaupt to design and modernise the age old protocols of Zionism and its secret society whose ultimate objective would be to achieve global domination and to create a one world government under the Luciferian ideology. And on May 1 1776, Adam Wieshaupt completed his task when the secret organisation of Illuminati was created. In 1777, Adam Wieshaupt was initiated into freemasonry because freemasonry had always been an integral part of this Luciferian conspiracy. 

In 1784 a messenger carrying documents of Illuminati to Wieshaupt was struck by lightning on his way to Paris from Frankfurt. The Bavarian officials found all the documents relating to Illuminati and handed them over to Bavarian government. After carefull analysis of the documents, Bavarian government came to the conclusion that Illuminati was an integral force behind French Revolution and were seeking the destruction of all sovereign European nations to give ultimate control to the Synagouge of Satan. Bavarian government also identified the key conspirators in this conspiracy which included some of the most influential people of that time. In 1785, With the support of Roman Catholic Church the Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore banned all secret societies including freemasonry and Illuminati in Bavaria. All freemasonic and Illuminati lodges were dismantled and most of the conspirators were either jailed or executed. But the seeds of Illuminati had been sown and Rothschild family helped to create a much stable foothold for Illuminati in Britain. And with the help imperial network of Britain, Illuminati quickly established its dominance in the new world i.e. United States of America.

The illuminati is not a mere group of rich greedy men who go about their business in some dark secret room dreaming about global domination. Illuminati has been working secretly behind the scenes for over 240 years to achieve their ultimate objective of global domination. The whole plan of systematical achievement of their goal was formulated as early as 1870 by a well known Scottish Freemason Albert Pike. In a letter to Italian Freemason Mazzini in 1870, Pike clearly specified a three step plan to form a One World Government. Pike further mentioned a need for three military conflicts at a global stage in order to bring about the one world government. Here’s how he specified these three proposed wars.

The First World War
This war would be fought between European nations with a purpose of ending the rule of Czars in Russia and setting up a communist regime in Russia. Second objective was an end of all historical empires in Europe like Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. 

And this is exactly what happened in the First World War that was fought from 1913 to 1918. As a result of this war, a violent uprising against the Czar occured and eventually “The Bolsheviks” seized the power in Russia. Both Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires were dissolved to create several new countries.

The Second World War
This conflict would initially involve only Germany and Britain, but later on it will spread throughout out the world. Main objective of this war would be to utilise the fascist regime of Germany for the creation of an independent Zionist state of Israel. Second objective would be to lay a foundation for future conflict between communist Russia and capitalist America. And this would be achieved by the formation of “Iron Curtain” in Europe. 

And every single of these objectives were achieved at the end of Second World War. Zionist state of Israel was created in historical area of Palestine in 1948. Germany was divided into two parts, the northern part under the communist control and southern under a democratic rule. With time the conditions in the communist Germany played an influential role in displaying the true face of communism globally which eventually resulted in the collapse of the iron curtain and the Soviet Union in 1989.

The Third World War
This battle would be fought in the Middle East between the Zionist forces of Judaio-Christianity and the Islamic world. Ultimate objective of this war would be to create an unimaginable amount of destruction. Goal would be to substantially reduce human population by means of war followed by starvation caused by intense draughts and epidemics & pandemics. With such a wide scale destruction of life and infrastructure, the surviving humanity would have no other choice then to submit to a one world government. And this is precisely the scenario world is being led towards by the current crisis in Syria and Ukraine. 

This is why it’s no surprise that US is trying to exacerbate the crisis in Syria and Ukraine by aiding the Al Qaeda insurgents in Syria and Anti-Russian factions in Ukraine. And moreover It’s now been confirmed that US has been supplying Syrian Al Qaeda insurgents with chemical weapons to be utilised against Syrian citizens. And now US is trying to invade Syria under the false pretext that instead of the rebels its Syrian forces who are using chemical weapons against their own people. Again the same old lie of humanitarian crap is being cited as the reason for the immediate action against Syria. US leadership knows it well enough that any kind of attack on Syria will force Russia and China to reciprocate with their own military action against Israel and America. And this is exactly what they are hoping for because once either Russia or China get involved in the conflict then this war will quickly turn into a global conflict which they so desperately require for achievement of their ultimate objective of forming a one world government.

So don’t be a passive onlooker now. This is a crucial time which is going to decide the fate of humanity and this world. Raise your voice and let the tyrants know that you know what they are doing and make your stand with defiance and non-compliance. We have to be in their face letting them know that we are not going to stand for this bullshit anymore. We have to breathe down their necks so that very time they turn they see us challenging their oppression and tyranny. Time for watching news on television and saying “something needs to be done” has long passed. Time for thoughts is gone now, its time for action. If you wish to leave your children a free and prosperous world then rise up now and fight for the legacy you want to leave your children. Fight for humanity and above all fight for the human within you.


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