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End Game: True purpose of Ukraine crisis

Like many of you I have also been wondering that what is the true purpose of NATO and EU orchestrated civil unrest in Ukraine. What interest do EU and NATO has in Ukraine? Why suddenly all focus has been shifted towards Ukraine? And is Crimean annexation to Russia illegal like US and EU have been claiming it to be? This crisis has raised the tension between western nations and Russia and a dark cloud of war is looming over the humanity. What will be the possible repercussions if situation continues to worsen? I can only think of two possible scenarios of how this crisis will play out.

The reason behind this sudden craze of NATO and EU about Ukraine is plain and simple. Ukraine is the best possible position demographically and politically for installation of its ballistic missile system. If succeeded, most targets in Russia will be within the reach of NATO warheads. Encirclement of Russia and China is where the NATO nations are laying all their emphasis on at the moment.

But Ukraine plays an even bigger purpose for the NATO and especially America. By keeping Russia out of Ukraine, US could cut its possible route for aiding Syria and Iran in case a full war breaks out there. In my view the Ukraine crisis will be deliberately escalated into attacks on Russia with the help of Ukrainian Armed forces. This would occupy Russia while US and Israel will initiate its attack on Iran and Syria. With Russian support cut off Iran won’t be left with any other choice than utilising its nuclear weapon on Israel. And once that happens you can forget everything after that. The thermonuclear war that mankind has been fearing for a long time will become a reality. Only x factor in this whole scenario will be China. If China allies with Russia than the whole design about progression of aggression will be totally different. With Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran being equipped with nuclear arsenal, the whole of Asia could go up in flames. 

But I think India and Pakistan are not capable of competing with military might of the three superpowers so in my view they won’t be as enthusiastic to join the armed conflict as Russia, China and US would be. So whole dynamics of the Eurasian alliance depends greatly on the actions of China. 

NATO nations along with EU will be a formidable opponent for any one country to take on single handedly. Neither Russia nor China would want to engage with NATO-EU alliance on one to one basis. Hence the relationship between China and Russia will be the pivotal factor in this whole scenario. And I don’t know what it is, but somehow I get this feeling from China that it’s not as simple as we are thinking. But if as alleged by many a new BRICS alliance is being formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, then that in itself might become a real obstacle for America and NATO, not at a militaristic level but rather at economic level. Nevertheless South American country coming into the mix, will certainly put some doubts in the mind of US. Most South American countries have suffered great deal in hands of America during the last century. Hence most of the South American countries are anti-US and can pose a real threat to the US. 

America has never been engaged in war within its own borders, it has always attacked and invaded other sovereign nations. But if NATO and US go ahead with their plans regarding Ukraine and Iran then in that case an invasion becomes a real possibility because most of the South American countries are just itching to pay some of the suffering back that they suffered in hands of America. Most South American countries like Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela, Haiti, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Argentina, Grenada, El Salvador, Columbia, Panama have suffered great losses of life and wealth due to the covert actions of American agency CIA. CIA has been responsible for destabilization and overthrows of atleast 50 governments and regimes all over the world. Most of the times US replaced democratically chosen government with a military Dictatorship that eventually caused deaths of millions of South Americans. US even sanctioned numerous assassinations of the South American leaders who refused to comply to the US interests and demands. And now all these past injustices and exploitation of the South American people might come back to bite America when it is least expecting it. A full scale war at both foreign and domestic fronts might end up being a little too much for US. 

But I think that more the number of countries get involved in this conflict better it will be for the elitists. They have long been desiring to substantially reduce the human population on this planet and this war will provide them with enough opportunities to achieve just that. All it will take for them would be just to unleash the barrage of nuclear arsenal on humanity and they will achieve what they had been desiring for a long time. This is the end result that elitist have been conspiring for. It doesn’t matter how they achieve it. It doesn’t matter to them in the least that how many Russian, Ukrainian, Iranian, Syrian or for that matter American lives are lost in the persuit of their agenda. They don’t care about humanity, we are nothing more that mere sheeps for them. More of us that will die in this war, better it will be for them.

Main driving forces of this elitist agenda are US, UK and Israel. So mainly it will be these countries waging a war against the whole of humanity. And the outcome will depend on how the rest of humanity will behave like. If they still continue to stab each other for short term gains and refuse to unite, then it will be just be a matter of time when humanity will be wiped out.


Another possibility is that civilian populations all over the world will join up in an global revolution against this evil oligarchy who’s been manipulating the affairs of humanity for its own benefits and objectives. I am not saying that it will be an easy matter, I know it will be tough. I know thousands will lose their lives. But a peaceful protest seems a much better option than an all out war in which the whole of humanity could be wiped out. It doesn’t need to be an armed revolution but rather a peaceful but at the same time with a firm commitment of non-compliance. We have to stand up and say no, we will not be manipulated any longer with cheap tactics of dividing us up and pitting us up against each other. We have to understand that we all are equal and eternally connected to each other.

We just have to refuse from taking part in the evil plans of the elitists. Because it is us humans who do all their dirty work for them. They declare war, we fight it for them. They decide to committ genocide, we kill each other for them. We just need to gather enough courage to stand up and say no to these evil doers. Soldiers need to refuse from killing anyone. Police needs to refuse from oppressing innocent civilians. Scientists need to refuse from developing new deadlier weapons. We all need to refuse from participating in this charade called working economy because every little thing that we do in this society ultimately contributes in further strengthen the grip of elitists on humanity. Being peacefully non compliant is the best way to cripple this machine of oppression. But all this will only work, if we all are one in our resolve to free humanity from the stranglehold of these evil individuals.

This evil cabal has been exploiting our weaknesses as humans to further their own agenda at our expenses. They know that humans can be easilly manipulated with lures of monetary or power gain. They know that we humans can easilly be turned against each other by playing with our religious, social, political, patriotic and philosophical beliefs. And elitists have been exploiting these weaknesses of ours for hundreds and thousands of years. If we truly want to defeat this evil oligarchy, than we have to rise above our normal way of thinking and achieve higher realms of consciousness. Once we do that, it will be clear to us that we all are part of a single universal truth and every living being on this planet is connected to us. If we are able to do this much, then everything else will be a mere formality.

Which path will humanity take depends on you. Choose wisely…….


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