Global Watchman on the lookout

Great cartoons that portray the reality of American foreign policy.

Recently while researching data about the American foreign policies, I came across several extremely funny cartoons that really depict the true motives and intentions of America’s foreign policy. I thought I should share some of these with you guys. Hope you guys will like it.

US: Human rights situation is worsening in Syria under President Assad.


US says it will aid Syrian freedom fighters(rebels) in their struggle for freedom

Obama approves $500 million financial aid to Pakistan

US: We are fighting in Afghanistan because we care about rights of Afghani people

Syrian Army succeeding in wiping out US armed insurgents.

US: Saudi Arabia can be more democratic

US: Pakistani army still secretly supporting Taliban in Afghanistan and NWFP

US: Saudi Arabia needs to be more democratic

US-Saudi Arabia alliance: Friendship based on mutual hatred for each other.

US still friends with Saudi Arabia even after harsh talk by Saudi King
Libyan oil and Gaddafi’s proposal of Gold backed dinar was the reason behind US intervention in Libya

US: Saudi Arabia needs to be more democratic
Obama: Syrian people need to be rescued from Assad

Obama: I inherited a dying economy, its all President Bush’s fault

Wealth inequality worsening in America. Top 1% own 40% nations wealth.

America’s love for foreign oil



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