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UFO Alien Paradox

I want to clarify something before I start. I truly do believe in the existence of extra terrestrial intelligent life forms throughout the universe. Our universe if far too vast and far too wonderful to say that life has only evolved on earth. In my view that would be the most naive and arrogant statement ever made. Underestimating the grand creator whatever you may call him god, universal consciousness, supreme master or glorious architect, would be an irresponsible attitude to adopt. So what I mean to say is that I truly do believe in extra terrestrial alien life. But what I find hard to digest is the UFO phenomena and I wll explain to you why I find it strange and illogical. My views about this phenomena are mine alone that I have compiled after watching hundreds of UFO sighting videos and numerous UFO documentaries. I am not saying that this is the only way you should all feel about this phenomena but I am merely trying to give another possibility behind this well documented global phenomena.

Although UFOs have been around for a long long time. Some paintings from renaissance period clearly depict some kind of saucer like object flying in the sky, so we can safely assume that this is

Image portrayal of George Adamski's contact with alien being
Image portrayal of George Adamski’s contact with alien being

not just a modern phenomena. But the true craze of UFOs started in early 1900s and especially post world war 2 era because of the emergence of photo and video cameras. People started to document photographic and video evidence of their sightings of the unidentified flying objects. Mind you it was also during the early 1950s that majority of close contact cases came to light. Suddenly numerous cases of close encounter and contacts were happening all over the world. From American George Adamski to Swiss Edward Billy Meyer numerous well documented cases to close contact were coming to light all over the world. Public perception of alien beings quickly changed from evil space invaders to benevolent space brothers. But what was the reason for such a sudden peak in close contacts? 

The Nazi connection
Similarities between Nazi Haunebu and Adamski's UFO
Similarities between Nazi Haunebu and Adamski’s UFO

First we are going to analyze the photographic evidence documented during various sightings of the UFOs. The image to the right is a schematic design of the infamous Nazi Haunebu II flying saucer. Look at the bottom part of the Nazi saucer. You will notice three round extensions at the bottom of the saucer. Now keeping these extensions in mind, look at the design based on images taken by George Adamski in 1950s. Do you notice any similarities between the two images. Yes, they both have extremely identical designs especially of the bottom part of the saucer. Now one could say that aliens were helping Nazis to develop the flying saucers, so that’s why they are similar. As weird as it may seem, we have to admit that there is a remote possibility of this happening. But I propose a second theory, we all know about the American
 secret operation called “Operation Paperclip”. 

A 1954 poster about Operation Paperclip
A 1954 poster about Operation Paperclip

After the end of World War 2 in 1945, Americans assembled all of the remaining Nazi scientists and secretly brought them back to America. Majority of these scientists had committed numerous war crimes, in which they were either directly or indirectly responsible for the death of millions of innocent people. Yet despite of all these crimes, these scientists were never charged for any of their crimes at the Nuremberg trials. Instead they were quietly and secretly brought to USA and were inducted into several Government Organizations working in the fields of technology relating to development of military weaponry, development of rockets and alternate means of propulsion for space exploration and in study of particle physics. 

So what I am saying is this, what if after Second World War the Nazi scientists who were working on developement of flying saucer were brought to America. And these scientists continued their work on flying saucer technology and eventually were successful in building one. And after getting their hands on a fully operational flying saucer, the US government started to utilize this amazing technology to deliberately misguide the public. Using well thought propaganda techniques the US Government purposefully misinformed and mislead the public into believing in something that was not there, well atleast not in that form. I don’t understand what could have been the reason for this misguidance, perhaps it was some kind of PSYOPS. Well there are as many conspiracy theories out there as many UFO sightings there have been so that’s an issue for some other time.

Technological advancement in design of UFOs over the last 100 years.

Chronologically ordered images showing advancement in design of UFOs
Chronologically ordered images showing advancement in design of UFOs

Another thing I want you to look at is the whole chronological modernization of the appearance of
UFOs over the last 100 years or so. If you look carefully at the different images of UFOs captured over the last century, you will surely notice that the UFOs seen in early 1900s looked more rugged in comparison to the ones seen in later years. Some of these early UFOs are so rugged and primitive looking that they almost look homemade with steel and tin sheets. And as the time went by the design and appearance of the UFOs got more advanced and out of this world. Surely one can see the amazing advancement of UFO technology from watering can looking rugged and unstable floating thing to the current out of this world flying objects we witness today. 

I doubt that an interstellar and intergalactic civilisation that traveled several light years to reach earth would have travelled in such primitive looking things. And it seems even more unlikely upon reaching earth, their technology and craft design would have suddenly peaked in last 50 years. I highly doubt that the civilisation that is supposed to be thousands of years ahead of us in technology would have shown such a dramatic advancement in craft design and technology in a period of 50 years. 

It almost seems as if the technological design of UFOs is progressing in conjunction with the human progress. The more advanced we humans are becoming in terms of technology and knowledge, the more technologically advanced the flying saucers are becoming. This also points to the possibility that perhaps the majority of the UFOs that we witness are inter-terrestrial rather than extra-terrestrial.

The whistleblowers and the Disclosure project

There’s always has been a shroud of secrecy about the existence of UFOs especially on the part of Governents. It has been long proclaimed that there has been a governmental policy of denial and coverup regarding any incident involving UFOs. It has also been alleged that the government has even gone as far as assassinations to keep the knowledge of ETs and UFOs secret from public. A secret association of government and ETs has also been alleged quite regularly. But what I don’t quite fathom is if there is such a desperate attempt to coverup all this knowledge about UFOs and ETs, then how have so many ex-military personnel and former politicians have been able to reveal all this information to the public. At one hand it is said that Government doesn’t even hesitate of killing somebody to protect this secret knowledge and on other hand here are all these whistleblowers who are publicly blowing all covers of this alien conspiracy. 

Steven Greer showing a UFO blueprint at disclosure summit
Steven Greer showing a UFO blueprint at disclosure summit

This means either the government is so incompetent that it is unable to protect the secrets for which it has killed people in the past or it means that all this is just a big charade to fool the public. May be the government is secretly letting this information out because it serves their ultimate objective. Otherwise just imagine why would the Air Force announce one day that they have captured a flying saucer and then recant the next day and say it was just a weather balloon. It just seems as if the Government wants public to know about UFOs but at the same time they want the public to think that Government  is trying its best to hide this information from the public. This would certainly answer various questions about whistle-blowers and disclosure supporters. 

A funny cartoon about the Roswell debacle.
A funny cartoon about the Roswell debacle.

In that case it would mean that many of these whistle-blowers and disclosure advocates are in reality the government agents of spreading misinformation. At least it looks that way to me that all these people are purposefully diverting the public from focusing on the important facts to rather concentrate on trivial and unrelated issues. 

Crashed UFOs 

Another thing that I find very hard to understand is the UFOs crashing into the earth. These alien ships travel hundreds of light years, overcoming numerous obstacles in the space. Space that is filled with numerous dangers and obstacles like asteroids fields and belts, comets, space debri and galactic dust. And encountering any of these things travelling at speed of light would definitely result in total destruction of the craft. So alien beings encounter and overcome all these dangers to safely reach earth. And even then entering the atmosphere of earth avoiding all the orbiting satellites is no child’s play, but aliens are even able to combat these issues and reach earth. 

UFO crash Halloween decoration
UFO crash Halloween decoration

And then after successfully encountering and surviving numerous challenges and risks of space travel, when they finally reach earth they somehow crash. I mean what the hell happened, did they booze up after reaching earth and then driving under the influence of alcohol they crashed the UFO. Or Is our military shooting them down? this scenario seems highly unlikely because of flying manoeuvrings capabilities these crafts possess. 

Some ufologists say that our radars are responsible for the crashes of these UFOs. Is it possible that such an advanced race that is capable of intergalactic and interstellar travel at speeds even more than speed of light would be susceptible to such a Stone Age B grade technology like radar. I don’t know may be there is some scientific reasoning behind this claim but I for sure find it highly unlikely. Don’t you think something is amiss here.

Almost life like characteristics of UFOs
UFO morphing into different shapes. Looks as if it is a living entity
UFO morphing into different shapes. Looks as if it is a living entity.

 Recently a lot of UFO witnesses have noticed a weird developement in this phenomena. They claim that in recent times these crafts have started to display certain characteristics, which almost makes them appear to be alive. There are numerous video clips also available on internet that supports their conclusion. In these clips you can clearly see that some of these UFOs continuously morph into new shapes and the way they morph is not like any technological machine would do. They almost seem to be a blob of living tissue and this blobs morphs into different shapes, none of which look like a shape of a flying machine.

Another shape changing UFO sighted near Mexico city
Another shape changing UFO sighted near Mexico city

Some people even attribute the sighting of some of these UFOs as a spiritual event. Because quite often when somebody witnesses these entities manifesting in the sky, the person standing next to them won’t be able to see  anything. They ask if these were just some physical mechanical machines how is it possible that one person is able to see it but the next person is not able to see anything. People have also witnessed two of these UFOs flying at high speed into each other than morph into a single craft. Similarly people have also seen one UFO divide into several smaller crafts.

Witnesses also claim that these objects materialize out of nothing and then again dematerialize into nothing. They seem to appear out of nowhere and then disappear into nothing. Because of all these strange abilities of these UFOs, many experts conclude that these are inter dimensional spiritual entities rather than extra-terrestrial ones. Some have even gone as far as calling these UFOs as biblical demons, who are working to deceive humanity for the return of lucifer………….well I would definitely like to smoke whatever these experts are high on…for sure.

These are just a few of the reasons that baffle me when I think about these alleged UFOs. I am sure that majority of UFOs sighted are something other than alien crafts. They might be government’s tools of deception for the public or they might simply be crafts originating from some unknown realms of our earth. Or may be they are simply inter-dimensional crafts who accidently tear through the dimensional fabric to give us a glimpse of their reality. Whatever they are one thing is for sure………………………. keep looking at the skies.


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