Global Watchman on the lookout

Ascension and the frequency of love

Mankind has existed on this planet for millions of years contrary to the scientific belief of a few hundred thousand years. This scientific theory was completly wrecked when an archeologist found fossil remains of a human dating back 2 million years. So just forget what our contemporary science has taught you. Faster you forget this nonsense better it will be for you. We humans believe that our current generation is the most knowledgable in all history of mankind. But some experts believe that our current knowledge is only limited to our material world and we have lost all connection to our spiritual selves. Although we might feel all knowing beings but the fact is there have been past generations who possessed unimaginable wealth of knowledge about our esence as human beings. They were much more spiritually conscious and understood the divine connection between every living creature in this universe. These ancient civilisations understood the power of spirituality and it’s affect on our lives. 

It is a universally accepted fact that each and every object that exists in this universe irrespective of whether it is alive or not, vibrates at a certain frequency in the space time continuum. Vibrating frequency of living creatures is ever changing and largely depends on the emotional state of that creature. For example vibrating frequency of a scared person will be different from the frequency when he is happy. So every emotion we feel affects our vibrating frequency and in affect alters the energy field around our body. Negative emotions like hate, fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, frustration and hopelessness have the most adverse affects on our vibrational frequency. Frequency emitted by these negative emotions really makes us vulnerable because it stresses the whole spiritual energy flow in our body. And irregular energy flow in body could lead to health related issues. A common example of this is how being depressed and saddened leads to cardiac issues and in some case even cardiac attack.

Above all the vibrations generated by these negative emotions makes us spiritually vulnerable to exterior manipulation by negative entities in this world. This is probably the reason why governments all over the world continously maintain a tense atmosphere of fear and depression over their civilian populations. 

Negative entities in this world like several inter-dimensional beings can only feed off these lower frequencies generated by negative emotions. So they continously orchestrate scenarios of death, suffering, torture, brutality and cruelty to forcefully push humans into a state of negative emotions and then absorb the frequency generated by these negative emotions as sustenance. 

Being in this negative state of mind also weakens our spiritual strength which makes us more controllable and predictable. Our body and our mind is designed to operate on a positive flow of energy. A constant negative energy flow can disrupt the working of our organs and can also cause health related issues.

This is why this whole world of ours is deliberately filled with several mechanism of control which help to limit our awareness and spiritual strength. Media is largely used for one purpose only to distract human beings from accessing relevant information and limit us to trivial nonsense. Media is also a huge manipulator of human emotional state. Just by broadcasting specific content media can alter our emotional state. For example by showing human suffering it can make viewer sad, instances of injustice and brutality can make viewer angry or hateful. Hence media is a major mechanism of control for the elite. 

Similarly the current education system is also specifically designed to withhold relevant spiritual knowledge from young minds and to mould these young children into emotionless practical and individualistic people. This compartmentalization of young children ensures that they will grow up into obedient workers who are incapable of critical thinking and who never question any form of authority. Modern education system totally deprives children off all knowledge about spirituality and importance of positive emotions in life. 

Our society has been specifically designed to ensure that there is always something stressing us. And most prevalent agent of stress universally is money. One needs money for survival and comforts in life. Whether it is food, a house, water, electricity, clothes or transportation, money is required for all of these things. So quite understandably money becomes a big stressful concern for everybody. 

Secondly money also aids in dividing people for example the poor are jealous of Middle class family and the middle class family is jealous of rich upper class family. So basically money not only stresses us but also creates divisions among society which ensures a hierarchy of hate and jealousy among different groups of society stops us from ever uniting as one.

Positive emotions like love, happiness, appreciation, empathy and care strengthens our energy field around our body and generates a higher stable vibrational frequency. This frequency and stronger energy field helps us to connect to other beings and have a positive effect on their frequency as well. Reason for this is that our body acts as a broadcaster of our emotions when we have a stronger electro magnetic field. This is the reason why a radio’s reception of a radio channel improves when we put our hand on it. Our body also receives the radio frequency and upon touching the radio our body acts as an antenna and as a result improves the radio reception. 

Mankind was not always in such a state of spiritual ignorance and enslavement. Something happened around 13000 years back that completely severed man’s connection to universal consciousness and rendered it unable to achieve desired level of spirituality and knowledge which it once possessed. And for last 13000 years mankind has been slowly declining spiritually to our current state. But a new day of awakening and enlightenment is on the horizon. A specific astronomical and astrological alignment in 1987 resulted in intensification of cosmic rays reaching earth. These cosmic vibrations caused a gradual shift in our brains which in time will result in return of our psychic abilities which laid dormant for 13000 years. This transition period will help us to regain complete awareness and spiritually connect us to the universal consciousness. This will be a time of Ascension for humanity and this transition will be at its peak after December 21 2012. Yeah this is what Mayan calendar tells us, at the end of thirteenth baktun ie. 21st December 2012. 

End of this baktun signifies that period following this date will be a time of transformation for humanity and will reconnect us spiritually to gods once again. The whole dooms day predictions at the end of Mayan calendar is just nonsense. Imagine we have a calendar today that reaches upto 2200 AD and someone found this calendar in 2190 AD. This doesn’t mean that world is gonna end after 31st December 2199. It’s just a calendar folks nothing less and nothing more. Although Mayan calendar does inform us that we will move out of an age of ignorance into a new Age of Enlightenment.

As we will start to receive the cosmic rays of the great creator, our whole DNA

will start to change from a 2 strand double helix structure into a 12 helix structure. This transformation is going to be phenomenally intense because when 12 helixs will be activated they will start connecting to our 12 chakras. This activation of all our chakras will transform our spiritual awareness and elevate us onto an elevated realm of conciousness. 

Upon this elevation of conciousness, our divine eyes will start to open. These divine eyes are sgnified by the pineal and pituitary glands. These divine eyes are also refered as “the all seeing eyes of Horus” because they see not from a point of view of a man but rather from the perspective of a god. Eyes of Horus will help us see and understand the connection between all things in creation. They will help us understand the true motive for mankind’s existence and emergence on this planet. The world will transforms into this peaceful utopia where we and every other living being on this planet will spiritually connect and form a single universal consciousness. 

Everyday we see new instances of people coming together in defiance of ancient mechanisms of control. People all over the world have started to become more aware about the injustice and manipulation of this social and political structure of ours. Never in the history of earth have there been so many revolutions
taking place at the same time. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, India, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Argentina and numerous other nations are engulfed in flames of human revolution. This also proves the fact that all living beings are mere manifestations of a single universal consciousness. So when people of one country rise against the tyrannical regimes, this feeling of courage and bravery motivates others to stand up against these tyrants and further spreads from people to people irrespective of their location and nationality. When we broadcast a positive vibrational frequency it affects each and very soul on this planet and as a result generates similar feelings globally. So the key to the human salvation is feeling positive emotions, keeping an optimistic outlook for every possibilities and creating a feeling of eternal love for every thing that is a part of this grand creation we call our universe.

Our vibrational frequency is what anchors us to a single dimension. In ancient past human beings possessed abilities to interact with different dimensions of their reality. Even today some people are able to interact with other dimensional realities. Whether you call them mediums, healers, clairvoyants, shamans or witchdoctors, they are all people who have ability to modify their vibrational frequency to make it compatible with other dimensions. 

People sometimes accidently see ghosts, demons and angels, these are just extra-dimensional beings who become visible to us when we accidently reach a vibration compatible for interacting with other dimensions. 

This is the reason why we only see partial manifestations of spirits and ghosts, as if they were transparent or made of smoke or black mass. More compatible the frequency and more clear will the image be of these extra dimensional beings.

But recently there have been a rise in cases of people witnessing several malevolent dark entities like shadow people, aliens, black eyed children and other evil entities in the middle of night when they are sleeping. This is due to

the emergence increase in positive emotions purifying the universal consciousness. And the the evil entities controlling this reality are making a last ditch effort to regain the control of humanity by shadowing it under a veil of fear and frustration once again. All these dark entities are just means of bringing out the negative emotions within the victim so that they can feed off the negative energy emitted by the victims and in effect spread their negative influence to others. This is also proved by the fact that almost all of the people who experience assaults and visitations from these dimensional beings have been recently suffering from depression and other negative feelings. So we can safely deduce that these evil entities are attracted to people who broadcast the frequency generated by negative emotions to feed off the negative energy emitted by these individuals. So even in this case the best remedy is to think good positive thoughts and keep love in your heart.

The salvation of humanity doesn’t require an armed and violent revolution. All that is required is to awake consciously to the fact that we humans just can’t keep on living the way we are today. We need to stand up and say no to the tyrants of modern democracy that enough is enough, we will no longer be manipulated by your lies. We will not fight among ourselves for your entertainment and above all we will not let our humanity die. We will never give up, we will unite as one, we will respect and protect all living beings on this planet because they are all part of our unified consciousness. We will fight the evil agents of darkness and tyranny with strength of our believes and love in our hearts. 

Aspect of life that these evil entities dread most is positive emotions like love, happiness, appreciation, empathy, care and co-operation. Frequency emitted by these positive emotions act as an enormous discomfort for these entities. They just can’t withstand these positive frequencies because by nature they are negative entities and positivity weakens them just like the way single candle pushes the darkness away. These positive emotions generate an elevated

vibrational frequency which helps us to attain a higher realm of conciousness and spiritual awareness. And it is at these higher realms of conciousness where we are destined to exist. This ascended awareness is where we will finally be one with the universal conciousness that connects everything in this vast creation we call universe. Once we achieve this ascended reality, we will become all powerful form of creation capable of realising infinite possibilities. Spiritual abilities of levitation, telepathy, telekinesis and healing lie dormant within all of us and only by being one with universe will we ever awaken them.

An unconditional and eternal pure love is the path to this ascension. So make your conciousness a home of love because only then will we fulfill the ultimate destiny of mankind.


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