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ISRAEL: A Zionist terrorist state

Due to highly emotional and frustrating nature of this topic, this post contains highly abusive language and adult overtones. Reader discretion is advised. Do not read this post if you get offended by abusive words.
A recent opinion poll conducted by BBC has revealed that Israel is the most hated country in the world. Even more than North Korea. In my view it’s about fucking time that world acknowledges Israel for what it is, a cancer for humanity. Defining evil deeds of Israel is like defining the pungent smell of the sewer. This is the best comparison I can do in regard to Israel. Israel is a cess pool of sewage where the most pungent and disgusting waste of the humanity is collected. Zionist cocksuckers who control the affairs of Israel are the disgusting parasites and germs who grew out of this sewage called Israel or rather Shitrael. These pieces of shit known as Zionists came to Palestine in 1948 after they were denied entry into both United Kingdom and America. Nobody wanted this cancer in their country so in an attempt to wash their hands off these cunts, Britain gave them authority to create a Jewish state in Palestine. I ask what right did Britain had to hand over somebody else’s nation. Crying crocodile tears for a fake holocaust, these Zionist motherfuckers came to Palestine desiring total occupation of the Arab land. 

Contrary to what these motherfucking cunts proclaim, Palestine was not an uninhabited piece of desert. Palestine was a nation of high culture and heritage where people of all religions had lived in harmony for centuries. Palestine was the only place on this earth where Jews had never been persecuted throughout the history. Historically relations between Arabs and Jews were so harmonious that when Arab Muslims left Spain in 13th Century AD, majority of Jewish people also left Spain with them. Jews feared persecution at the hands of Catholic Church so they left Spain with Arabs. Jewish people had absolute faith that they will never be persecuted in Arabia. And this brotherhood between Arabs and Jews continued right up to the year 1948. Everything changed in 1948 when the unfair and unethical resolution for partition of Palestine and creation of Jewish state of Israel was passed in UN.

In 1948 Zionist terrorist groups like Irgun and Lehi brutally massacred hundreds of Palestinians in an attempt to drive them off their homes and land. The bloodlust of these terrorists was so intense that they didn’t even shy of murdering several Palestinian Jews who dared to protest against the brutal slaughters of Arab people. Majority of these murdrerous members of Irgun and Lehi later on became prominent officers in Israeli military, MOSAD Israeli intelligence service and premier politicians. So basically the foundation of Israel was laid in the blood of thousands of innocent Palestinians. So it’s hardly a surprise that Israel turned out to be a most horrible terrorist state in the history of the world, knowing that its very foundation was laid by terrorists. These Zionist motherfucking cunts proclaim that they have a god given right to live freely in a Jewish state of Israel. But contrary to this claim, many Jewish scholars believe that according to Torah, god specifically forbade Jews from forming their own state. So according to religious scholars of Judaism this claim of zionists is totally against the word of god and hence creation of Israel was a blasphemous act. 

Just for the sake of discussion lets think of these Zionist cockroaches as humans, and we reckon that every human has a basic right to live free. Then I ask where are the rights of Palestinians? Don’t they deserve a sovereign nation of their own? Infact they had a sovereign nation of their own untill they were robbed of it. Where is the justice for Palestinians? 

But its very important not to confuse Judaism with Zionism. Judaism is the pure form of religion on the other hand Zionism is political movement based on distorted and rewritten principles of Judaism. In fact Zionism is something that is giving Judaism a bad reputation. Best statement defining both terms is “Judaism is anti-Zionism” and “Zionism is antisemitism”. Jews from all over the world have denounced Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel. Even some brave Jews from Israel have taken a defiant stance by refusing to serve in Israeli Army which is single handedly responsible for numerous acts of genocides in Palestine. Many of these brave young men and women have been imprisoned and even tortured for their refusal to serve in Israeli Army. But these brave individuals still remain as defiant in face of terror as ever. Many Jewish human right activists from Israel are raising serious questions about the policies of Israel and are also helping the victims of Zionist brutality both in Gaza and West Bank. All these brave people from Israel are standing firm because they know they are right and they are willing to risk their lives for rights of Palestinian people. And while remembering people who made sacrifices for the rights of Palestinian people, how can one forget 24 year old American student and social activist Rachel Corrie.

Less than two months after her arrival on March 16, 2003, Corrie was killed after a three-hour confrontation between two bulldozers and eight ISM activists. Wearing a bright orange fluorescent jacket and, until shortly before her death, using a megaphone, she was killed while standing in the path of a bulldozer that she believed was about to demolish the house of local pharmacist Samir Nasralla’s family whom she was staying with. She was deliberately run over twice by the Israeli Soldier operating the bulldozer resulting in a fractured skull, shattered ribs and punctured lungs.Tragically Rachel Corrie died few moments later while surrounded by her friends. May god bless her soul. RIP Rachel.

Ever since 1948 Shitrael has used this technique of forceful demolition of houses in order to create illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian designated areas. And gradually they have occupied almost all of the Palestinian land and forced Palastinians into a small stretch of land called Gaza Strip. Gaza is one of the most densely populated land in the world with more than 1.82 million people living in an area of 365 square kms. This turns out to a staggering figure of nearly 5000 people living per square km. And even in the other Palestinian territory of West Bank, Israel has slowly occupied the majority of land by building illegal settlements and security fences. Israeli settlers have forcefully occupied the majority of the most fertile agricultural lands owned by Palestinians. One can clearly see the illegal encroachment by Israel of the Palestinian land over the last 50 years. You can clearly see how much of the Palestinian land has been illegally occupied by Israel over the last five decades.

And these illegal occupation of land even continues to this very day. All of a sudden Israeli bulldozers come and demolish the Palestinian houses, without any prior notice or warning. They demolish the house to rubble irrespective of the fact that whether family was still in the house or not. And if any innocent Palestinian tries to protect his or her house and family, they are shot along with their entire family by the fucking cunts of Shitrael Army. 

Everybody has seen images of young Palestinian boys throwing stones at Israeli forces but many people are unable to see the reason behind this behaviours. They say what good would throwing a stone will do when your enemy has assault rifles and tanks. A British journalist passionately answered this question as following:  “Israelis come and demolish Palestinian houses without any warning and illegally occupy lands owned by Palestinians. In an instance they make a family completely homeless with all their belongings buried under the rubble of their own house. If anybody tries to protect their family, the entire family is murdered. And you ask why do the children throw stones at Israelis. They throw stones because they must. They throw stones at charging Israeli tanks because they must. Because it’s all they’ve got. And they will continue to throw stones bravely in face of guns and tanks because it’s only way they know of fighting back and fight they must”. And in reply of these stones Israeli Soldiers shoot bullets at these kids, resulting in death of several children. And If they catch such a child, the Israelis beat the child mercilessly. 

There has been a secret Israeli agenda of total extermination of Palestinian children. The Zionist cockroaches in Tel Aviv decided that only way to break spirit of Palestinian people is by destroying their future generations completely. And this heinous policy has been regularly employed by Israeli Forces during each one of their military operation in the last fifty years. 

During Israel’s last military operation in Gaza, as many as 4000 Palestinian children were murdered. And out of these 2100 were children less than 4 years old. And almost all of these infants were shot multiple times in head and chest. Can you even imagine what kind of depraved human would shoot infant babies in head and chest. This is a very emotional subject for most of us. But despite of this, I have added numerous heartbreaking and shocking images below. So that everyone can see the reality of these Zionist motheruckers. 

To understand what kind of sick and twisted people these zionists scum are, despite of being hard we have to look at crimes committed by these cunts. Scroll down and look at the horrifying images below.

Now you tell me truthfully, aren’t you disgusted by these cocksuckers Zionist bastards? 
Don’t you wish that each and every one of these pieces shit should be wiped off this planet? 
And do you know what the real tragedy is? There were still a lot of images on the net which were far too heartbreaking and emotionally wrecking than what I have posted below.

My message to you Zionist motherfuckers is this, you people are the shit of humanity that’s why you are all collected in this cess pool called Israel. Stay close you fucking cunts and keep your daddy Rottenchild closer because it will be much easy to wipe you all off this planet. And once you bugs are gone, world will live in peace again.

People always bring up 9-11 as if it was the most horrible terrorist attack in history but the very same people conveniently ignore the hundreds of 9-11s that took place in Palestine in last year alone. Where is their justice? Where is their freedom? Where is righteous protector of humanity and democracy now? Where are the freedom delivering American troops now?  
Does human rights only matter when there is some oil to be won in process? Or is genocide only a crime when somebody other than Israel is committing it? Or does America intervenes in others affairs only when its daddies wish so?

Majority of Americans don’t even notice the atrocities taking place in Palestine every single day. I have seen many morons proudly displaying roadside banners saying “We support Israel unconditionally” during AIPAC conferences. Don’t these people realise what kind of heinous and unhumane acts they are sponsoring by supporting a terrorist state like Israel. I find it totally unbelievable that even in today’s world of global electronic media and information technology, someone could be still so oblivious of the facts. May be they are just incapable of separating fact from fiction.

Everyday dozens and sometimes even hundreds of innocent Palestinian men, women and especially children are brutally murdered in broad daylight, while we comfortably watch TV in our homes. I am truly ashamed and disgusted of having lived in such an ugly world that has lost its humanity. Innocent people are being murdered every single day and all we can do is give a second of pause after reading news about it. If this is the kind of world that we have to live in, then I will rather prefer the annihilation of humanity.


A little infant burnt to death by an Israeli White Phosphorus attack
Two little children burnt to death along with their entire family when their house was hit with an Israeli missile

A Palestinian father holds her dead 3 year old daughter who was shot in the chest by an Israeli soldier

Doctor trying to keep a 7 year old girl alive after she was shot in the head by an Israeli Soldier

Fathers carrying their dead children for burial ceremony. All kids were shot at close range in head and chest by Israeli

 3 year old girl died when she was crushed under debri of her house which was demolished by Israeli settelers.

19 young boys shot by Israeli forces. Youngest boy was 8 years old and oldest was 19 years old.

A young father breaks down after his 6 month old daughter was killed by Israeli forces. Infant was shot twice in chest.

Israeli goons beating up a 10 year old boy. They arrested him for throwing stones at bulldozers that were demolishing his house. Although this boy was lucky, but there are reports that when children are arrested, they just go missing. 

(Left) A father breaks down upon death of all his children aged 5 years, 3 years and 8 months. (Right) A 27 year old young mother is murdered along with her two children aged 2 years and 5 months. Every victim was shot.

An infant baby succumbs to her injuries after being hit in the head with a rifle by Israeli soldier.

Another image of a 11 year old boy being dragged and thrown around by Israeli cockroaches.

A 6 year old girl severely injured by falling debri when her house was suddenly bulldozed by Israeli settlers.

Gruesome evidence of child extermination by Israeli scum. Israelis commit such heinous acts under their zionist policy of “No Tommorrow” aimed at eradication of entire young generation of Palestinians. What kind of person shoots a child? That is why i dont consider Israelis human. Every fucking zionist Israeli should be wiped off this planet.

Another heartbreaking image of young children shot in the head by Israeli motherfuckers.

24 year old American social activist Rachel Corrie dies after being run over by a Israeli bulldozer. She was just trying to stop demolition of a Palestinian family’s house with whom she was staying in Gaza. She died moments later with her friends alongside her. 

24 year old American activist Rachel Corrie murdered by an Israeli soldier by crushing her under a bulldozer

A young father with his son lie dead in the very bed they were sleeping in. They were shot by Israeli soldiers while they were asleep

Another gruesome reminder of what kind of people Israelis are, 4 infants lay dead in the rubble of their house after a Israeli missile attack.


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