Global Watchman on the lookout

A strange experience….

Following is an account of my close friend. He wrote his experience to share it with everyone.

I don’t know whether anyone else has felt it or not, but for the last few months there’s been a lot of dogs barking at night. I know people will say that dogs have barked at night forever, there’s nothing special about it. But that’s not what I trying to explain. Usually what happens is that dogs hear some other dogs barking or howling at night so they reply back with their own bark or howl. But since last few months stray dogs in my area have been barking awful a lot and without any reason. And they keep on barking throughout the night. One night I got fed up and went out to check out what dogs are barking at. I have got a dog myself so I know something about dogs. Also I have been feeding most of these stray dogs, I am talking about. So they know me and I can easily recognize what dog is barking from the way its bark sounds.
So one night I went out to check them out. This would be about a month back. And as soon as I got out of my house, I could hear a whole group of dogs barking in a manner as if they were bothered by something. 

As I turned into street behind my house, I realized that these dogs were all barking in a little green park at the end of that street. As I walked closer to them, I saw them barking at something in the clear grassland. I had recognized the dogs correctly, as I reached close to them about half a dozen of dogs identified me and ran towards me. These were all the dogs that I fed every night. They ran towards me and surrounded me. They were all jumping, licking my hands and making little sounds they make when they are excited and are happy. And as I kneeled down to pat them, they reacted to something behind me in the same area they were barking before. And suddenly all of them just ran back towards that very area. 

As it was dark in that area, I moved close to them to investigate what was bothering them. I was expecting a snake or a mongoose that they were agitated by. But as I approached closer, I couldn’t see anything that could have been the reason for their agitation. When I tried to go past them towards the area they were barking at, they quickly got in front of me and got extremely aggressive towards something that I couldn’t see. So I backed up thinking that there might be something dangerous there because I could clearly sense that these dogs were trying to protect me by standing in front of me but at the same time I could also sense fear in their behavior, So I turned back and I got only about 20 feet from that spot, when I heard a strange sound. It was like a hissing sound that some snakes make when they are agitated. I quickly turned around and saw the dogs behaving bizarrely. They were behaving like we often see dogs attacking something by making quick movements back and forth trying to make a quick bite and then backing up. Like they are afraid of something but even then they want to stop that thing from advancing.

As I was watching them trying to move something back with aggressive body movements, I saw something that totally stunned me. Suddenly as dogs started to attack something, a faded spiral of blue white light appeared at the same place that they we barking at. It was very faded illumination, so faded that if this thing appeared in daylight, I am sure nobody can even notice that. It would have been roughly 3-4 feet in diameter with a very dull brightened spiral. But as it was dark night, I could easily make out a spiraling illuminated shape. I looked at that thing for about 5 seconds when it grew nearly three times its size and as it grew a strong wind started flowing towards that thing. I know its weird but it almost felt like something was sucking the air into that spiral. And at this point the spiral was about 10 feet in diameter with a brighter center. Suddenly I saw a bizarre dark shape in between the spiral. It looked same as we see a person standing in front of car headlights. You would clearly see that someone is there in front of light, but only thing you can notice is a dark silhouette. 

 I couldn’t notice any specific body features or any specific body parts. But what I could make out was that it had a slender and very thin silhouette about 12 feet high and it had a thin neck a little longer that what we humans have.  I am not sure that It happened or not but I swear that whatever that silhouette was made by, turned around its head and looked at me. It all happened in just 3-4 seconds, so I am not sure whether it was adrenaline or something else. I swear I saw it turn its head back. I couldn’t notice any facial features or anything like that. And instantaneously the silhouette moved into the spiral as someone enters into a low door with knees a little bent. And slowly the silhouette faded into the brightness of the spiral. What it seemed like was that this thing was returning back into that spiral. Then as the spiral started to shrink I could physically feel the wind dying down. And in about a couple of seconds the spiral totally disappeared. And as it disappeared the wind totally died down and an eerie silence descended all around me. I was stunned by the whole experience. I stood there motionless for some seconds and then I realized that all dogs had calmed down and were standing quietly looking at me.

I can honestly tell you I am not a person who gets scared easily and except height nothing terrifies me. But I have never felt the kind of terror that I felt at that instance when that unknown thing turned and looked at me. I was stunned, I could feel my whole body tingling as we sometimes feel when we experience something intense. Hair on my forearm felt as if they were charged by some invisible force like electromagnetic charge. About 10 seconds after it all vanished, I moved towards that very place where it had appeared. But as I moved forward all dogs came toward me and started displaying affection like they always use to. I tried but I just couldn’t get myself to take another step forward into that very direction. 
I turned back towards my home but I was still feeling after effects of the fear that I had experienced moments ago. This made me turn and look back every few steps as I rushed towards my home. The dogs also followed me and laid down at the place they always used to sleep just in front of my house. I came to my room and sat on my bed contemplating what I had just witnessed. I usually stay awake until 4-5 am in the morning so I turned my TV on to divert my thoughts. First thing I noticed when the I looked at the television was the TV’s clock display. Time at that moment was 3:12 AM so whatever I had experienced would have happened at about 3:00 AM a couple of minutes give and take. 

I can’t say what I saw, because I don’t know what it was. I can’t tell you that was it a physical manifestation or psychological. But I can tell you this truthfully and with all my honesty that I saw something 10-12 feet high disappear into a 9-10 feet wide illuminated spiral. And I also saw dogs barking and acting aggressively towards that unknown thing.
Even at this moment I can hear dogs barking outside like they do every single night. But now I don’t get annoyed by it, because now I know that they are barking at something they sense or see which we humans can’t. I have searched the internet a lot and haven’t been able to find some other similar account. If you know something about this incident kindly help me understand the phenomena. Leave a comment. And if you need to know, no I haven’t been able muster enough courage to go and check out what dogs were barking at again. And like I mentioned they are still barking at this moment, but now I let them handle the situation. 


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