Global Watchman on the lookout

Fuck Obama….

Well folks I will apologise in advance about my language in this post. Lately I have been highly frustrated by those morons who still support and cheer for Barrack Obama. It’s doesn’t matter to them, that Obama is single handedly destroying America and rest of the world. They just refuse to open their eyes and recognise Obama for what he is, a shrewd and cunning manipulator who’s only loyal to his Zionist masters. 

You have to be deaf, dumb and blind to miss so much suffering all over the world caused by these cockroaches in White House. No I will go further, you have to be a retarded inbred motherfucking moron, if you still believe that Obama is a righteous leader. No he is not, He is not even a righteous paperweight let alone a President.

I am astonished to see that there are still people who support every crime committed by Obama. And what totally blew my anger safety valve was the comparisons being made between Obama and Abraham Lincoln, Obama and Julius Caesar, Obama and Jesus Christ, Obama and J.F.Kennedy. This totally pissed me off and transported me to a dark place filled with unimaginable hate, anger, frustration and an uncontrollable desire to kill. 

I am trying to embrace inner peace and kick out all negativity, so bear with me while I spew this poison out. 

Barrack Hussein a Obama is a pathetic and disgusting humanoid. He is not human so don’t expect him to act like a human. He is far too white in character to be called a black and he is far too black in appearance to be called a white. He is far too much Hussein to be called a Christian and he kills far too many Muslims to be called a Muslim. He acts far too much like a dictator to be considered a democratically chosen leader and he depends on far too many lies, deception and cowardly acts to be called a fearless dictator. He acts far too much savagely and beastly to be called a human and he displays far too many human traits like being evil and  bloodlust to be considered an ape. 

Obama contradicts each and every condition required for specie identification. So who is Barrack Hussein Obama? What kind of creature he is? 

Well Barrack Hussein Obama is a pathetic little evil piece of shit. He is like a decaying carcass which wasn’t that bad early on but now he is just stinking the joint up and rendering it uninhabitable. And more he lies around White House more smellier he will become and more time it will take to freshen up the joint. 

 That’s what Obama is, he is a decaying carcas of democracy. We knew democracy was dead for a long time but even then we brought this carcas of democracy into the White House. And now situation is that carcas is far too stinky, decayed and mushy too be removed from White House.No one wants to get their hands dirty. But what I wonder is how some of Obama’s supporters still smelling lavender. 

Here comes the X Rated part.

He is no different from George.W.Bush because they both have same fucking stinking piles of shit as their masters. Whatever these cunts tell them to do, they do it. Bend over, kneel down, get under, go on top, suck this, suck that, spread legs they do whatever they are told. 

So In a way they are obedient bitches for their masters. They are free to do whatever they want but the thing that enrages me is when these bitches think that we are their bitches. We ain’t nobody’s bitch, got that bitch. You can do whatever you want to do in your time but don’t include us in your disgusting fuckfest.But let me warn you cutting off your dicks can also become our hobby.

Like a famous green man once said “you are making me angry and you are not gonna like me when I get angry”.

A revolution is only a struggle while population is oblivious, once populous awakens the revolution become a firestorm. And their ain’t any white building that can save you when firestorm comes for you.
And trust me Mr. Obama your time is coming.


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