Global Watchman on the lookout

A message to american patriots…..

For a long long time, I have been watching uncivilised and unjustified behaviour of these arrogant, ignorant and mentally unstable individuals who consider themselves true patriots of whatever land they live on. Anyone and everyone who tries to show them the reality of today’s world, are attacked physically, psychologically and socially. These dumb fuckers try to drown reasoning voices of honest and ethical people in a sea of hate and ridicule. Shameless antics of these morons has silenced some of the most intelligent and knowledgable minds of our time. These honest people who refuse to remain wilfully ignorant and try to make others aware about the deception of this world are called lunatics or conspiracy theorists and are shunned aside by society. 

The most genius thinkers of our times are segregated to such an extent that they give up their quest of informing others and recede into seclusive existence. Some honourable and courageous people even challenged their tyrannical  government and paid for their resistance with their lives. It’s a tragedy that instead of honoring and revering these brilliant, honest and ethical individuals, they are pushed into depths of anonymity and darkness. The knowledge that they wanted to impart onto others would have transformed the very outlook of humanity. But because of these so called patriot motherfuckers, the secrets of human evolution and ascension are lost forever. 

These patriots are quick to get all worked up by jumping up and down like an ape, when you start to contradicting their believes about their country, their god or even their leaders. Immediately they get hostile and resort to intimidation when you try to reason with them. 

It’s because these motherfucking dumb retards are not capable of reasoning, they are only capable of following the lead sheep even if it’s a wolf in sheeps skin. 

With all that patriotic and religious crap stuffed between their ears, there is no surprise about their cognitive capabilities being less than that of a cockroach. Millions of years of inbreeding has really fucked up their brains. If you ever wonder about what’s happening to humanity and why is it spiralling down the drain, its these inbred self-righteous stinking piles of shit who are taking the whole humanity down the gutter with their decaying and rotten thinking. 

They portray and consider themselves as highly religious individuals without understanding the core message of god. Even after reading every word of god they fail to realise that core message of god is to love all his creation and be compassionate towards everyone. These people never realize that humanity is not on this earth because of religion, it’s the religion that exists because of humanity. All the messiahs in all religions of the world, gladly sacrificed themselves to teach humanity to love each other. But did we honour their sacrifices? No. Do we take their teachings to our hearts and soul? No. Christians say fuck the Muslims, Muslim say fuck Christians and Jews laugh and say we will fuck you all. Where does this fuckfest end? When will we start saying no to these disgraceful fucking abominations who consider themselves as masters of human race? When will we say to them “Fuck you. I ain’t falling for that anymore”. 

These shitbags have been turning us against each other for eons. They just love the sight of us slaughtering each other in name of race, religion, nationality and sometimes just for the colour of our skin. Haven’t we ripped ourselves enough by falling for the same trick again and again. Enough is enough, we have to decide that we won’t let these maggots exploit us anymore. We need to give them a taste of their own medicine. Snake needs to be taught that if bitten by a deadlier snake it can also be poisoned. These fuckers need to be told that if they burn our homes, fire can and will spread to their palaces as well. Decency should be a privilege available only to those who are decent themselves. We just can’t carry on fighting a sword with a bamboo stick in our hands. If they keep on slaughtering us, then we just can’t keep on marching and shouting slogans at them. 

Che Guevera once quoted “only a resistance with strength equal to its oppressor can wage a revolution against tyranny”. To fight ruthless wolves, we have to become even vicious tigers. We just can’t keep on crawling on the floor, because then we are bound to be stepped on. We have to fight like tigers because then only at risk of getting their leg ripped off will anyone dare to step on us.

And to those morons who say our soldiers are fighting for our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan, my reply is get your head out of sand for a minute and look around. What kind of freedom struggle includes mass genocides, dropping bombs on children hospitals and schools, raping and murdering innocent women, torturing and murdering innocent civilians and eliminating whole communities from the face of earth. And after watching and hearing of so many atrocities, If you still think that this is a righteous war of freedom than I will only say that if humanity thinks like you than I am ashamed of being a human. Instead of being ashamed of actions of our military and leaders, how can these pathetic individuals still go on praising and supporting the troops.

I know many will say that troops are just following orders, what were they suppose to do? Well in my view if someone tells you to go invade a foreign sovereign nation and kill anybody who resists. To burn the whole nation down to ground and wipe out millions of innocent civilians just for war based on lies and greed, then I think the true responsibility of any soldier is to refuse and oppose such orders. A soldier is considered and expected to be an ensemble of being disciplined but accommodating, fierce but compassionate and righteous but ethical. It doesn’t matter whether you are court-martialled or imprisoned for insubordination, atleast you would stand by the basic ethics and morals of humanity. You would atleast be able to sleep at night without being terrorised by horrible nightmares. 

You would atleast be able to live in peace rather than being constantly haunted by faces of all innocent children, men and women whom you murdered. How would you look in the eyes of your children knowing that thousands of children will never open their eyes because of you? Will you ever be able to tell your loved ones truth about what you did in name of patriotism? Will wounds on your soul ever heal? No they won’t because you are just human. We humans are not build to inflict so much pain & suffering without being affected by it ourselves. Choice is yours whether you want to live your life as a good soldier or as a human being.

Whether it was 9-11 or Boston bombing, Sandy hook or Aurora shootings, all these incidents were false flag PSYOPS planned and orchestrated by government to deceive the population. And they were successful because these elitists knew how easy it is to awaken djinn of patriotism in minds of the population. Elites knew that by exploiting the patriotism not only will some idiots support their actions but they will also attack and ridicule the people who would raise voices against the governments. So in a way these morons are butchering the true spirit of free America by supporting and defending these unhumane actions of the their leaders who are further controlled by illuminati. It doesn’t matter now whether people were manipulated, forced or tricked into supporting these wars because reality will remain the same that nearly 3 million lives have been lost because of these wars. So we should never forget that time moves in circular motion, what goes around will surely come around. Karma is a feisty bitch and it does and will bite back. Only question is how hard will it bite you?

Some nutjobs on the internet keep on rambling about devil, satan, demons and Antichrist. They keep on claiming end days are near, evil will walk on earth, rivers of blood will flow and millions will die. But I believe we don’t need any new devil or satan, we have already got certain individuals who are just as evil and blood thirsty. Rivers of blood have been flowing ever since humanity became corrupted and slaves of their desires, infact during last few years rivers have formed an ocean of blood. People are dying by hundreds of thousands daily, millions per week. And they are not killed by any demonic army but rather by fellow humans. So I say to devil bring it on, because you can’t do anything worse than what we do to each other everyday. After suffering unbearable agony at the hands of our own race, Satan’s hell will feel like a picnic.


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