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Simba….a king no more

Sorry folks, I am a little pissed off today. Well to be frank, I am enraged most of the days of the week except weekends. I give love and peace a chance on weekends…lol. Being an animal and nature lover, I really get saddened by the way we humans are butchering animals nowadays. It is said that homosapiens evolved from animals over millions of years. So if that’s true animals are living embodiment of our remote anscestors. Our connection to animals is even traced into our DNA, with our DNA being 97% identical to current primate species like Gorilla, Chimpanzees and Orangutans. There is even a residual presence of reptilian brain within our brain. So why even after so many apparent connections to animals, majority of the human race fails to see a connection to animals? Why does majority of religions teach that animals are inferior to humans? Shouldn’t all life forms also be considered as divine creations? I ponder over these questions in sadness when I see animals subjected to so much pain, suffering, brutality and cruelty.

But Nothing disgusts and enrages me more than people who call themselves hunters who kill wild animals just for fun. Today I watched a documentary on national geographic in which a hunter named Bob Fontana was attacked by Cape buffalo in Zimbabwe. In the documentary his fellow hunter was proudly proclaiming that “I just love to hunt because we hunters are basically predators by nature, just like a predator hunts it’s prey in wild, I too love to hunt the most aggressive and powerfull animals”. This hypocrit man who likes to kill animals just for the thrill of it was proudly bloating about himself and his kind. People like these hunters take pride in their life taking skills. 

 But I want to ask you mr.brave, if you are a predator and like to hunt prey like wild predators then why do you use guns. Because I don’t remember any lion using 12 gauge rifles for hunting its prey. These people are so full of shit that they arogantly compare themselves to ultimate predators of the wild. But they forget they are nothing without their big guns, without it they are just puny little stinking modern apes nothing more. 

Here(below) is a video in which a mighty macho hunter is reduced to a screaming little girl by a Leopard whome he was hunting. Just listen to this motherfucker’s screaming like a girl. All that manliness and masculinity totally disappeared when gun he was holding became useless. Like loader said we can all see who the real pussy is
And I feel really uncomfortable saying this but whenever any of these trophy hunters get killed or gored by their trophies, I truly feel justice is being done. Wish i had an address book of all these fucks and a 50 caliber Barret rifle. Now that would be an entertainment worth experiencing.

Unlike humans wild predators are compelled to hunt for their survival. Hunger leaves them no choice but to hunt its prey. For millions of years both predator and prey have been continuously evolving in an attempt to outdo each other. Nature has balanced capabilities of both predator and prey so that no specie gets an unfair advantage in battle of existence. But when a human kills an innocent wild animal with his big gun and then feels great pride and courage for doing so, it really hurts and disgusts animal lovers like myself. It is because of these moronic killers that almost all of world’s ultimate predators are on verge of extinction. 

In early twentieth century there were about million tigers in the world, but then came the white man from Britain and they decimated the tiger populations of India and South East Asia. Riding on elephants backs through the jungles of India, they killed thousands of tigers. They were even responsible for causing local extinctions of tigers in some areas of India. And not just tigers, they were single handedly responsible for wiping out many species from Asian jungles. There were thousands of lions in North Western regions of India, but by the time British left India in 1947, there were less than 20 left in the wild. Since then intensive conservation efforts have helped revive dwindling lion population to nearly 400 in year 2010. 

For millions of years India was a wilderness where almost all of worlds big cats roamed freely and majestically. But courtesy of British colonisers, one of the big cat specie was totally wiped off the Indian forests. This specie was the majestic Asiatic or Indian Cheetah. In early nineteenth century there were reportedly thousands of cheetahs in the wild, but by early twentieth century they were totally wiped out. Tusker elephants, rhinoceros, Indian antelope and countless other native Indian speciest were nearly hunted to extinction.

Similarly in Africa where once lions numbered in millions, were hunted to such an extent that roughly twenty thousand exist today. No surprises about who is responsible, yes once again it was British colonisers who hunted thousands of lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinoceros, cape buffalo and elephants Wherever the plague of British empire touched, it resulted a storm of death and brutality. And this plague was indiscriminate about choosing its victim, man and animals both suffered enormous loss of life. And quite shockingly there are still some countries in Africa where you can get license for hunting a lion or leopard, even today. By paying a fee to the authorities, hunters can legally go and shoot their trophy animals. Countries like South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Swaziland are still actively selling their wild animals for monetary gains. Millions of tourists visit these countries every year to witness the wild treasures of Africa. Wildlife tourism is biggest source of income for many of these African countries. Even then instead of preserving and securing their natural treasures, these countries are still selling licenses for hunting lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, elephants and many other animals. 

Most of the national parks and reserves in Africa practice a heinous system of selective culling of animals to provide balance of an ecosystem. First we humans took over all their land for our use and now we play god by deciding which animals should be culled to stabilise wildlife within a fraction of the original wild land that belonged to wildlife. Can we be anymore burdensome on nature?bIt’s is estimated that 95% of all species that ever lived on earth are extinct today. Although only a small portion of these could be attributed to humans, but we certainly aren’t doing the remaining species any favour by the way we are behaving these days.

Just like India and Africa similar thing happened in Americas where wildlife was desimated by European explorers and later by European migrants. It is said that whole North America was much like Yellowstone Park is today. Animals like Bison, Elk, Moose, Wolf, Mountain lion or Cougar, Water buffalo, Grizzly and Black bear romed freely throughout the North American plains. Southern areas were covered in black swamplands where American alligators ruled the day. Different species of turtles, raptors, snakes and amphibians were found throughout the south. But all this changed the day Europeans stepped foot on this continent. Wolves, Bison and Water Buffalo were hunted nearly to extinction throughout the Northern States. It’s only because of the recent conservation efforts that wolves have again started to flourish in nature reserves of America. Cougar numbers were also seriously reduced because of Hunting. Thanks to conservation efforts and ban on hunting of these species, some of these endangered species are regaining their hold in this beautiful land.

But tragically present animal holocaust is not just limited to land only. Earth’s oceans are also witnessing the senseless and unimaginable loss of life every day. Every year millions of sharks are killed brutally just because some primitive ignorant morons thinks the shark fin soup provides magical nourishment. These people believe that shark fin possesses supernatural qualities which they can acquire by consuming it. How much of a retard you have to be to believe in such baseless and idiotic myths? 

Corporate fishing is the biggest threat to our oceans today. These corporations kill millions of dolphins, sharks, whales and other fish species merely in the process of capturing their intended catch. Hard line fishing is the one of the largest reason of why so many of these beautiful creatures are needlessly killed every year. And not just fishes, some of the most endangered and rarest species of turtles and marine mammals are killed by over harvesting of our oceans. These issues have to be seriously addressed as soon as possible before we lose several of these majestic species forever.

In some cultures, specific body parts of some animals are considered to possess supernatural powers. So if anyone ingests these parts of that animal, that animals qualities will be transferred to that person. Chinese culture is filled with such moronic myths. Ancient Chinese remedies, which are popular even to this very day have been a major cause behind continuation of illegal poachings of several endangered animals. Several ingredients of these ancient remedies are sourced from tiger bones, lion bones, shark fins, rhino horn, elephant tusks and turtle shells. This industry has been a single biggest buyer of poached animal parts since ancient times and still provides serious monetary incentives for the supply of these rarebody parts of endangered species. This industry of Chinese ancient medicine is cited as the one of the biggest contributor in current near extinction status of Tigers in South East Asia and Siberia.

Animals are much more integral part and requirement of nature, even more than us humans.
There is no honour in hunting down and killing an innocent wild animals. Instead I reckon it to be a symbol of decaying moralities of human beings. 

If we haven’t learned our lesson even now, then I don’t think we ever will. 

Stop killing innocent animals for your entertainment. There is no pride in taking a life of another living being. Those who find pleasure in killing these innocent animals, I just wish that you be soon at losing side of this game of life, where you lose yours and they live theirs. 


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