Global Watchman on the lookout


Devil has been always a symbol of evil and darkness in this world. He is considered to be a mythical and supernatural entity who has been an adversary to god since the creation of this world. But for me devil is not an mythical entity, but a prevalent desire of evil. Anybody and anything that is capable of evil is the personification of devil itself. The most heinous and evil deeds that have occurred in my lifetime, have all been committed by the devil we call USA and its allies. Ever since the second world war USA has done all it can to destroy peace in the world for sake of its own selfish agenda. In years following the second world war USA started to spew poison into the world in the name of a bluff called cold war. In the name of this lie and in the name of its righteous crusade against communism, USA invaded and killed millions of people in Korea and Vietnam. These wars resulted in death of millions of innocent civilians and soldiers, devastation of both countries. Thousands of US soldiers perished in these conflicts. Even to this day neither the country nor the people Korea and Vietnam have recovered from the unjustified wars that were subjected upon them. 

After the second world war USA commenced a systematic poisoning and covert infiltration into the Soviet Union which aided in the uprising of several anti-soviet political factions in soviet states. Eventually due to enormous rise in political and social unrest in several of the soviet states, Kremlin intervened to restore peace and stability to the region. These political and terrorist factions sponsored by the Americans declared this act of soviet union an attack on sovereignty and started declaring their independence from the Soviet Union. And in 1991 the former soviet union collapsed and 14 of its former states declared their independence and their sovereignty as a free country. After declaration of independence many of these countries suffered from economic and social collapses and invasive wars by their more powerful neighbors. Many of these countries which were formed after the soviet union’s collapse are going through the bloodiest civil wars even to this day. This covert attack on USSR by America has resulted in millions of deaths and loss of humanity beyond our comprehension.

After collapse of soviet union in 1991, American leaders needed a new enemy to keep a veil of fear upon its citizens. And out of this need arose the diabolical leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. It was a well known fact that US had close ties with Saddam Hussein in the past, during which they used Saddam Hussein for launching a war on Iran. But in time, as the US’s need of Saddam Hussein diminished, US quickly shunned him. But US had another role in mind for President of Iraq in their imperialistic aspirations. Within a year of Soviet Union’s collapse, America invaded Iraq in pretext of rescuing Kuwait from annihilation. But the true motive behind the attack was black gold also known as oil. Upon US invasion, Saddam Hussein drew back from Kuwait. By doing this he eliminated the reason for which US had invaded Iraq. Unwillingly and dejected, US had to withdraw from Iraq. But a strong presence of US forces at bases in Saudi Arabia clearly meant that they were not yet done with Iraq and Saddam Hussein. By the end of year 2000, US ambitions of global domination had risen to new heights. And nobody could have expected what was to happen next. 

On September 11, 2001 the elitist controlled US government carried out an elaborate attack on its own citizens. An attack which was carried out by US agencies, was blamed upon a fictional terrorist outfit called Al Qaeda. They even named Afghanistani Taliban as protectors of Al Qaeda and it’s leader Osama Bin Laden. Even though there were no apparent links to Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein was also termed as a target for US retaliation. Naive Americans believed every lie their government told them and were fooled into supporting an imperialistic invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 3 million lives have been lost in twin wars that US proudly calls it’s war on terror. Quiet an irony that biggest terrorist nation in the world says it is fighting a war against terror. Allied forces violated every human rights conceivable by murdering innocent civilian during their ongoing occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Allied forces have repeatedly committed numerous war crimes including genocide during their ongoing occupation of both countries. Killing innocent civilians, shooting unarmed and surrendering combatants, torturing Iraqi prisoners and disappearances of resenting voices has been a regular occurring during the occupation. Reasons given for invading Iraq was that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, which is a threat to national security of America. Eventually no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq.  An invasion that caused a million deaths of innocent civilians was based on lies and deceptions. George. W. Bush and his allies should be charged as war criminals and should be held accountable for the crimes committed against humanity. 

In 2008 as the world was getting sick of George.W.Bush and his atrocities in Middle East, along came an individual who promised change and raised hopes of Americans. His arrival at White House was almost celebrated by millions in America who saw him as a saviour who had arrived to deliver them from evil stranglehold of George.W.Bush. This person was Barrack Hussein Obama. He came into the White House with promises of change and hope. Instead he butchered whatever hope remained in the hearts of Americans with his treasonous actions. He had promised that upon his arrival in White House as the president of United States of America, he will call back all troops fighting in Middle East. He also promised closure of the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention centre and restoration of all public liberties according to bill of rights. But soon after he became the president of United States of America, he announced deployment of additional 30,000 troops in Afghanistan. He refused the closure of Guantanamo Bay prison citing its strategical benefits in ongoing war on terror. And as far as civil liberties were concerned, he decided that Americans were enjoying far too many liberties as it is. So he enacted new acts and laws further culling civil liberties and constitutional rights of Americans. Change he promised the Americans turned out to be for the worse. Dejected and enraged by this betrayal of Obama, Americans started realizing the truth about their government and leaders. But sadly dictators are seldom interested in how their people feel and Obama was no different.

Long ridiculed conspiracy theories about the elitists and British monarchy controlling United States of America, now seemed more and more realistic. American military has been long used by elitist and British monarchy as tool for furthering their own agenda. And in 2009 facilitating another Rothschild take over of a country’s national bank, America engineered a civil unrest in Libya. By arming rebels with weapons, United States instigated a civil war in Libya. Assasination of Col.Muammar Gaddafi was the last nail in coffin of self reliant and progressive Libya. Soon after the Assasination, a Rothschild owned central bank was setup in Libya. By killing Gaddafi, America seized control of immense oil reserves of Libya. By setting up Rothschild owned central bank, they made sure that US dollar remains the currency used for oil trading. Col.Muammar Gaddafi was working towards setting up of a new currency in gold, the African Dinar. He proposed that all oil trading should be done in this gold currency. He believed in true distribution of wealth among the people of world. Had he succeeded in formulation of Dinar, this would have meant a certain death of already struggling US$. USA would have lost the hold it enjoys in global trade with US$ being chief trading currency. So don’t be mistaken about who killed Gaddafi, it was the US hired and armed mercenaries who killed him. Truth is since the Libyan revolution in 1960’s, when Col.Muammar Gaddafi seized control of Libya, Libya has rose from a struggling Arab African nation to one of the most rich and most developed nation in the region.  Free education, subsidized properties, free medical care, oil at $0.14 per gallon, free of interest loans and free electricity were only few of the services enjoyed by Libyans under the Gaddafi regime. And ever since the Assasination of Gaddafi, Libya has receded into Financial and economical collapse courtesy of the America and it’s  scum overlords.

But as expected the Zionist masters and British scum monarchs who control America were not done with Middle East and it’s oil. After destroying Libya, they had their sights on oil rich nation of Syria. By arming Al Qaeda insurgents in Syria, US tried to use tactics similar to what it used in Libya. But tactics failed when Syrian President Assad was able in elimination of US sponsored insurgents. Failing in their first attempt of destabilize the Syrian government, the Elitists decided to use its Zionist bastards in Israel for launching an attack on Syria. As demanded by their masters Israel launched a missile attack on Syria which was rightly reciprocated by Syria. And these attacks are still ongoing and have resulted in hundreds of casualties in both countries. 

As America is contemplating an attack on Iran, the tensions in Middle East are at all time high. With China and Russia warning that any kind of attack on Iran will be considered as act of war and will force them to respond with all their might, the possibility of a global conflict is fast becoming a reality. With a sword of thermonuclear war dangling over the neck of humanity, a sense of desperation has emerged in countries around the world. And if sides are chosen by major countries around the globe, America and UK will find itself on the short end of the stick.

Americans have to realize that there is no patriotism in being a tool of destruction for the scum of the world. They have to realize that there is no patriotism in supporting the treasonous acts of their leaders. Germans also exhibited similar kind of  blind support towards Adolph Hitler irrespective of his actions in 1930’s and we all know how that ended. Pariotism is devotion towards your country not towards your leaders. There is nothing to be proud about when your soldiers are committing genocide of innocent men, women and children. There is no glory in aiding Zionist murderers who fire bullets into chests of infants. It’s time for showing the world the true spirit of America. It’s time for a revolution. Because only a civilian revolution will rid the America of these poisonous elements who seek elimination of 95% of the world population and destruction of USA.

Are you willing to stand by idle when your civil liberties are being destroyed? 
Are you willing to witness the death of a dream that was realized on 4th July in 1776? 
Will you cower in the corner when your country is being destroyed?
Will you let the name America become a synonym of evil?

And will you let America become the personification of DEVIL……………………As always choice is yours.


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