Global Watchman on the lookout



Today every other day we come across some news where some cop either beat somebody dead or half dead. And shockingly in most cases the victims are completely unarmed and unaware of danger they were in. Everyday some scum cop is charged of using excessive force against unarmed civilians in America. Recently a news where about half a dozen policemen mercilessly pounded, punched, kicked, tazered and finally killed a homeless guy made national news and resulted in massive public outcry against these thug cops. But recently shocking reports like a pregnant woman being repeatedly tazered, some teenager mercilessly beaten up, unarmed civilian being shot dead on his own property or a lawful gun owner killed by police are becoming disturbingly common. These scum eating cops are hell bent on abusing the power they were given to protect the public. They were once servants of the law whose only duty was to serve the public by keeping them within the law. But lately police has become something like Nazi gestapo whose only duty is to serve a tyrannical fascist regime by abusing the law and by ignoring basic human rights. So are you living in USA or are you living in NAZI Germany, this is question everyone of you should ask yourself. And if u realize that it more like Nazi Germany than what are you waiting for, you gotta do something before 60 million of you are slaughtered…………..

Watch this video to know what the cops of today are doing…

“Only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”                                    
                                                                          Sir Edmund Burke


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