Global Watchman on the lookout


With all these conspiracies flying around about a “NWO: New World Order” where some globalist elite wants to wipe out 90% of the world’s population and the existence of the mankind in danger. They say we have never been closer to annihilation of human race than we are today. They say we need to fight for our survival before 5.5 billion of us are eliminated. But i ask just one question to myself, that haven’t we destroyed this planet enough already for our greed and lust for superiority? That haven’t we tortured mother earth enough already? but i find myself little too hypocrite and too……human to answer these questions honestly. But one thing is for sure that ever since human kind stepped into the era of so called intelligence, it has been the biggest threat to this planet. 

We burn forests to create more land for habitation and farming, we hunt animals for food, money and sometimes just because we can. We made thousands of species of flora and fauna extinct withour greed and disregard for nature. We pollute rivers to such an extent that sometimes nothing can even live in it. We treat mother earth as our garbage disposal dump site when we dump millions of gallons of crude oil in the sea or when we bury several metric tons of toxic garbage into landfills every day. We have and still butcher millions of our own specie everyday for appeasement of few. Lines on a map have become much deeper that sanctity for life itself. And then after committing 
such atrocious crimes we expect another chance for sake of humanity. 

Well in my view no matter how many chances we get, we will always end up in the same dilemma, that we are in today. Unless we somehow achieve a superior intellectual and transcend into an higher level of existence where we can live in harmony with nature, we are doomed. According to spiritualists, human soul consists seven emotions that inhibit us from ascending into a higher existence. These seven emotions are called “Seven deadly sins” and they are Wrath, Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth. Mankind will always end up at same crossroads in the future. It is our destiny but it doesn’t have to be our legacy too. Either we can take this whole planet along with all its wonders down with us or we can give this planet another chance with a future that is without humans.

So i wonder if annihilation of all or majority of mankind will save this wonderful miracle we call earth, then why not? Yeah i know that this is very cruel thing to say. But honestly,when you put all the cruelty humans has laid out on life giving nature in perspective, human eradication doesn’t seem like that bad a solution. Here’s just a few instances of human cruelty on mother earth.

We kill baby seals for fur and meat by bashing their heads with iron rods
We kill non threatening and gentle elephants for their ivory.
We capture chimpanzees and other apes for medical experimentation and torture them until they die.
We kill whales for their meat and body fat.
We kill lions to satisfy our need for egoistical superiority above all beings.
We kill Tigers for their fur, sport and their bones as an ingredient in ancient remedies.
We kill sharks for their meat to be used as delicacies.
We kill otters because they eat fish too.
We kill chicken, cows, buffalo, goats, sheep and even little lambs for food.
We kill snakes for their skin.
We capture birds and confine them in cages for our amusement.
We hunt cheetahs because they are fast and difficult to hunt. 
We hunt foxes and wolfs for fur and because it challenges us.
We capture and enslave horses to run for our amusement and when they are unable to run, kill them.
We cut trees and destroy rain forests that are home to thousands of indigenous species.
We pollute rivers with chemical and toxic wastes.
We dump sewage into our rivers.
We pollute air with toxic fumes.
We pollute oceans when we dump oil in them.

and these are not even one tenth of what we do everyday. So think again do we really deserve a chance?


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